Blog post 1000

Hi all out there in the ABDL and Babyfur world this is now my 1000 blog post  that i am written on my blog. When i started this blog June 2010 i newer thought it should make so many post or how long i should keep this blog active. Some blog only is active for a short time and some one year but i have manage to keep my blog update for 3 years and it only keep growing stronger and stronger every months. I get allot more visitors and if you remember the blog post i write in the past that the blog have make an imported milestone the 1.000.000 views.  This is kind of awesome and impressive to reach that kind of goal and i hope that one day going to get the 1.500.000 views and maybe even 2.000.000 but i think i going to need to wait a long time for that. But maybe one day i am going to be there and what know what is going to happen in the future.  And i hope that i going to be able to keep making new blog post and post some more cute and wonderful babyfur arts over the coming years.

I would like to thank all Babyfur and Artist that have let me post some of there arts on my blog that means allot to me that they have give me that permission. So if you see this and know that i have post a drawing from you on my blog you should know that i am happy that you have give me that permission.

I hope you all going to have a nice day and remember to stay diaperd so match that you can.

Does this dress make my diaper butt look big?

Does this dress make my diaper butt look big?
Does this dress make my diaper butt look big?

No…The diaper does though.

Maxi: Maxicoon.

Draw by: tavimunk.


Aww so cute and sweet. No this dress dont make your diaper butt look big but if that was the case it is nothing to worry about cubs have big and poofy diaper butts it is a normal thing for a cub to have. Special that kind of cubs that wet allot and we all know that many cubs do that so they needs to wear thick diaper that can handle the many accidents they have. And beside who wont to spend to match time on the changing table when it is a world out there that a cub wont to explore and dont forget all the toys that you need to find and play whit to. That is a weary imported thing that we dont should forget about. So you can continue wearing that dress and if it make your diaper butt bigger it is only going to make you look more cuter and it is nothing wrong whit that. And if you look weary cute you maybe get a cookie or a new toy to play whit.

Pichu babies

Pichu babies
Pichu babies.

An art trade with rogeykun who asked for Sparks and his pichu named Child to be diapered and locked in a pichu-sized crib ^-^

Sparks doesn’t look happy about being bottle-fed XD.

Pichus: rogeykun and pichu90.

Draw by: pichu90.


aww poor Sparks it seems that you dont wont to have your baby bottle. But you need to drink that so you can grow up and be a big and strong pokemon one day.  And beside now when you are bondage it is nothing you can do to stop this from happen you are going to drink from this bottle one way or another. I hope that Sparks accept the bottle now before he ends up in some more trouble and i dont think this strap is going to be release before he have empty his baby bottle like a good pichu do. Do you not agree to that a baby needs to drink from a bottle?

What do the Fox say?

I kveld med YLVIS hver tirsdag og torsdag kl. 21.30 på TVNorge.

Ylvis – [Official music video playlist HD]:…

Kjøp eller stream sangen:


Music video from the Norwegian talk show I kveld med YLVIS.


Music by M.Eriksen/T.E.Hermansen/V.Ylvisåker/B.Yl

Lyrics by V.Ylvisåker/B.Ylvisåker/C.Løchstøer
Produced by Stargate

SBS Discovery © 2013

I dont know if you have see this video already but if you dont have this have become a big hit world wide so please enjoy.

Now the team knows

Now the team knows
Now the team knows.

Now EVERYONE knows my secret for watching games without leaving the couch. My onsies buttons snapped on me and my pants fell down *cries* why does this keep happening to me?!

Cub: island.

Draw by: reva_the_scarf.


It it not so fun when this thing happen special when you out on the football field where you dont can find any place to hide quick to fix this. I hope no on is notes this and if they do i hope they dont going to tease you because you wearing a diaper. But it can easy happen that some of the other plays have trouble whit this and start to call you a baby or maybe start to ask if the baby need a new diaper. That should be something weary humiliating if they start whit that so i hope that this dont give you any trouble now when they have found out that you wear diapers. The best thing should be if they think this is a awesome thing and start to wear diapers to so every one can keep full focus on the football but i dont think that is going to happen.

Yes, my master! (The boss’s revenge!) Part 2 and 3

Yes,my  master!"(The boss's  revenge!) Part 2
Yes,my master!”(The boss’s revenge!) Part 2.

Looks like the boss has changed his mind and decided to have grandpa Richard, hypnotized for a little while!All of you will wonder where the hell is Matt?Matt is all day on business matters in the boss’s company!Very busy!

The  boss:”Now, let’s go to the park only you and me!But first you be wearing a chastity belt and a leash around your neck!”
Grandpa  Richard:”Yes  master!”

In the park already, the boss brought a  rubber bone toy, so  Richard  can played with it!
The  boss:”Get  your tongue out for  me, Richard!Good  boy!”
Richard:”Master,can  you  touch  me  down there?”
The  boss:”Not  yet!”.

Yes,my master!"(The boss's revenge!) Part 3
Yes,my master!”(The boss’s revenge!) Part 3.

After a good walk in the park, the boss decided to take Richard to his house, and there  he undressed him  and said:
“Now my slave, to my  bed and bottoms  up!”
Richard:”Master,can  you  touch  me  down there?”
The  boss:”I  said,not  yet!Now your white ass will  be redder than a tomato, I’ll start with my hand for  a  warn  up,and  then I will use the paddle!”
Richard:”My  ass  is  all  yours,master!”.


Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88.

It look like the boss decided to give Richard the howl treatment for this naughty husky. And when Richard wake up from this hypnosis i bet he is going to be weary surprise about this and i bet he is going to wounder way his butt hurts.