Masturbating into wet diaper – tim_nullo

Masturbating into wet diaper powered by XTube

I had that diaper on for over 12 hours and masturbated into it in the morning. You can guess what I did after that ;)

Video and text belongs to tim_nullo

Yes we can sure see what you did in your diaper after you was finish whit your masturbation :) I sure your wet and cum filled diaper could handle that thing to :)

Quick, cute wetting – XTube

Quick, cute wetting powered by XTube

My dry 24/7s arrived, so i decided to record wetting my first one of the pack! Its kinda ward to see the “waterline” moving due to my lights reflecting off the shiny plastic coating. I put an ABU sticker on it, because Dry 24/7s are pretty plain looking.

Text and video belongs to SixHeavens

A little more pee – XTube

peeing again powered by XTube

Video uploaded and created by travelerltgfhhoc

Looks like this diaper starting to get pretty squishy special now after the second diaper wetting. It can be close to leak soon.

Good diaper boy – XTube

Nerver shared before… Just for you ! powered by XTube

Video is uploaded and created by clicksurmoi83

Looks like this diaper boy decided to be double diaper and this thick diaper is going to keep his jeans dry for a long time.

Wetting LittlePawz diaper – Xtube

Pissing my padding powered by XTube

Wearing LittlePawz from ABU, I was ordered to have a ton of water then piss it out all at once.

Video and text above belongs to Paddedwulfpup

Yes he sure wet his LittlePawz diaper allot. It sure looks pretty heavy and soggy now when you released your big wet accident.