Baby Pants Training Pants from

Here is some pitcher of the training pants that i have receive from today.

Front of the Training pants
Front of the Training pants
Back of the Training pants
Back of the Training pants

Like you see the training pants come in neutral packing so now one can know what you have order.

Hope you like the pitchers and maybe order you own training pants from this company.

Order from 15/2

The first time that i have order from this site and i decided to order this par training pants.

Training PantsShould be nice to see how there are and where the padding are in this training pants. And i hope the pants is going to feel nice and soft to wear. If i like it i think i going to order a new par training pants from this site. The price the have was rely good.

The text below have i get from this site: and that is the same site there you can order you own training pants.

Shame on you! Wetting your pants is no longer going to be acceptable now that Baby Pants Training Pants have arrived. A staple for every family with big babies, these absorbent undies are a must-have. Fashioned after the traditional Gerber Training Pant. Sized Small to 4XLarge. They are available in My First Trainer a 4 ply beginner’s trainer and Almost a Big Kid a two ply suitable for wearing nearly undetected. The Baby Pants label assures you this is another quality baby product.

  • Available in either “Big Kid Training Pant” or “My First Training Pants” which has more padding.
  • Full range of sizes (Small – 4X large) colors and prints available and in stock at our store.
  • Premium quality extremely soft organic cotton.
  • No moisture barrier, plastic panties can be worn over for absolute protection.
  • “Almost A Big Kid” has less padding to keep our little secret. Half the padding that is in “My First Training Pants.”

Tena skin cream

Tena skin cream
Tena skin cream

This skin cream is rely good i use it when i have skin problem or wont to prevent it. If you wear diaper for a long time or if you skin is sensitive this cream can be good to have to you other diaper supply that you need.  It rely work and it heal skin problem rely fast. Like you wont it to do when you have skin problems. For there is not much good feeling if the skin has become ireterad of diaper. Like Diaper rash or other skin problem that come from diaper wearing.

Hope it heals the skin problem you have like it has heal my problems that i had whit the skin around the diaper area.

Order from Perlasensua-Shop

Yesterday i place an order on Perlasensua-Shop. This is the thing i am wetting for to receive.

ReferenceProductUnit priceQuantityTotal price
ZAZOOMBZAZOO medium blue diapers (x2)5,00 €15,00 €
MO0003Magic fresh13,95 €113,95 €

Should be nice to see what this ZAZOO diapers is for something. The design on the diaper look very interesting.  I like blue diapers. But if you dont wont the diaper to be blue you can choice by this other colors :  Pink and Green

You find them by clicking on this link:

Some pitchers of the product i have bean talking about:


Bambino Bellissimo on

Bambino Bellissimo
Bambino Bellissimo

Seams like bigbabyfun.comhave start selling this new Bambino diaper. Wounder if the only ship in UK or if the ship to aether country in europe to.  Have send the owner a e-mail about it. If he can ship to Sweden i am going to order a pack of it. But he dont offer a sample so i can see at medium still fit. Because the have a new size information on this diaper :(

Order from SaveExpress 2011-12-12

This time i order this thing from SaveExpress:

QuantityProduct no.DescriptionTotal
1403500AO Vorlage Maxi 15x60cm  Vorlage 28er Pkg.
6,26 €

115001ID-Protea Rechteckeinlage / Vorlage 15x60cm  ohne Folie 28er Pkg.
6,55 €

17553162lilpad Rechteckige Vorlagen o. Folie ca.16x60cm 30er Pkg.
6,39 €

39563-01Forma-care X-PLUS Slip Gr.M , Nacht , blau, 18er Pack. (IT)
29,85 €

The Have alot of nice things on save :) I always bay may diaper from this Online store.

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