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Would be fun to see this DVD some time. I love this song in this Youtube video. Seams this boy love his diapers and i agree whit him :) Diapers is great thing :) Do you not agree to? But some time can it be good and nice to not need to wear any diapers and decide for your self when you wont to put on a diaper.


A new post about DreamCare

dreamcareI have got some nice information from this company and some pitcher that i wont to show you.

The first pitcher is a Cloth pull-ups diaper:

Cloth pull-ups diaper
Cloth pull-ups diaper

The next pitcher is showing a cloth diaper that is 26 layers thick. . Wounder how that diaper is to wear?

cloth diaper that is 26 layers thick.
cloth diaper that is 26 layers thick.

Think it kind of hard to see how thick it it. But maybe some one that knows more about cloth diapers then i do now how this working.

So what do you think?

If you wont a cloth diaper that have more layers then 16 you need to do a special request about that.

Daytime Wetting Therapy Session –

Seams like have release a new Therapy Session file

This file help you whit your Daytime Wetting

This hypnotic training session is designed specifically for those that wish to cultivate more infantile habits during the daytime, and follows closely from the previous bed wetting session. Re-train your body and mind to accept that wetting yourself during the day is natural and easy, and that wearing your diaper and plastic pants every day will keep you feeling safe and secure in your inability to hold your bladder. This is a semi-permanent training session which can only be undone by taking the same steps as a young child, in potty training. So before you download this mp3, be quite sure that you are willing and prepared to take this step. If you are ready, this session will help you to achieve your goal of stress free days without concern to stay dry while cultivating a wonderful attachment between you and your diaper.


And remember to have you diaper on so you dont end up whit wet pants or bed.

Exciting Product Announcement from Bambino

Seams like Bambino have made some nice change on the diaper the sell :)

Here below can you read about the new things the have made:

All of Bambinos’ proprietary diapers (Classico, Bianco, Teddy and Bellissimo) have gone through some important enhancements and are now available for sale!

1. All of our medium diapers have been increased in the width by approximately 2 inches (which is now the same as our first generation).
2. All of our diapers now come with the most aggressive adhesive tape tabs we have ever applied to our diapers.
3. We have increased the distribution of the SAP (super absorbent polymer) to help increase the core integrity when wet.
4. We have increased the gram weight of the non-woven lining for even more comfort.
5. We now have extra large Classico, Bianco and Teddy diapers IN STOCK with all the above enhancements.
6. For those customers who are still concerned as to which size diaper will fit them the best, we have added a new combo pack, which will contain 2 diapers (one medium and one large) of Classico, Bianco, or Teddy.


Seams to be very nice :)

Pitcher on the new ABU Cushies w/ Cloth-Like Cover

Here is some pitcher on the new diaper from ABUniverse that i have mention before in a early post here.

Pitcher on the new ABU Cushies w/ Cloth-Like CoverPitcher on the new ABU Cushies w/ Cloth-Like CoverPitcher on the new ABU Cushies w/ Cloth-Like Coverso what do you think about this new diaper?Are you going to try it to see how it is?

You can bay it on this link:

My order from 7/3 – 2012

My order from 7/3 - 2012It is nice to have restock the supply of Tena wet wipes and Tena skin cream now. It ios good thing to have when you wear diaper. I use this thing when a do the diaper change and the skin cream help the skin to stay all healthy and good.And it rely helps :)

What sort of supply do you use when you change you diaper? Do you have something special to get clean and ready for a new diaper?