Bondage and leaking diaper – Satuki_rabbit

Awww someone sure have ended up in a blushing embarrassing situation here. Bondage and the diaper he is wearing have start leaking pretty bad.

Luxe before bed at night – Satuki_rabbit

At lest he is a good boy and wear his pull ups. So he is well protected for his night time accident so he dont end up whit a wet and soggy bed. That should be even more blushing then a soggy diaper and match less cleaning to be handling whit.

Suffering from the recent heatwave?

Sure the front of the diaperSuffering from the recent heatwave?

sure going to be pretty cold when we decide to do that. But i dont think its going to help match.

The aftermath – diaperfox25

Wow this boy sure seems to have one squishy diaper butt right now. It sure looks like it is time for a diaper change now.

Crinklz aquanaut photos – LeaBernard1984

I sure love the designs on the new Crinklz diaper. They sure looks super cute. Do you not agree?

Caretaker Tip: Accident during diaper change – DaddySnowKitty

Some sure know how to pooch the right buttons :)