squishyskunk87 playing whit soggy Bambino Magnifico

It looks like squishyskunk87 like to play whit his super soggy Bambino Magnifico before he decide to change it. It sure looks like he have use his diaper pretty well now :)

Maybe he should think about changing it before it start to leak.

Some cute twitter post from Mr. Shadow 31/1-2017


This sure is some cute twitter post that DaddySnowKitty have wrote :)

Potty problems – DaddySnowKitty

This really seems like a hard choice but we all know that you sooner or later is going to be using that diaper. Way have all this pain when you have nothing to win?

Riolu wetting the bed?

Can it be that RioluRiolu wetting the bed? have found out that he have start wetting the bed?

Poor RioluRiolu wetting the bed? it seems like it is maybe back to diapers for him now.

Diaper checking in front of friends – DaddySnowKitty

Looks like everyone is going to find out who the real baby is now :)