Diaper Arora

Poor little Arora. Seems like it is something that she is not use to yet. Maybe it is the cute diaper that she is wearing?

But she look so cute in this pose.

DC Amor diaper photos

Not everyday you see photos of this diaper :) I wish i was able to try it out at some point.

New set of rules for the babysitter

Poor little babysitter. It looks like even the sitter needs to use the diaper in this house. If you believe what the little cub is saying. I can understand that this make him fell little uncomfortable bet he need to get use to it at some point? :)

Blushing diaper furry – tsuchi_kemo

Poor little furry it seems like he have overuse his diaper and it have starting to leak big time. wounder if he is going to find anyway out of this mess before someone found out about it? I think that is almost impossible when it is someone outside the door.