Blushing sad wet Eevee

Poor Eevee looks like he is sad over that he have ended up wetting his night diaper. Poor thing looks like he is embarrass that he still needs to wear diapers when he sleep :(

Adult hypnotized – DaddySnowKitty

This sure should be something. I think someone is going to have a very hard time to keep the diaper dry here :)

Allot of diaper package – AB Universe

Wow this sure is allot of diaper package. Should be so awesome to waddling around and touch all of this package :)

AB Universe Baltimore warehouse


Most be awesome to have a workplace like this. Special a workplace that have its own changing table :)

Jolteon in a wet diaper

Aww poor Jolteon it looks like he is little angry that we have found out that he have wetting problem. It sure looks like he have put his diaper to some good use during his sleep. Seems like he is going to need to sleep whit a diaper a couple of more weeks. We need to make sure that he can wake up dry before we can let him out of his night time diaper :)