Peeing in a punitive room – kurono6600

Aww poor thing. He sure have ended up in a embarrassing situation and now he is chains down and force to be wearing diapers.

It’s a bright new day!

It sure looks like this two had an amazing night sleeping together. But i sure hope that the male did dent end up whit a stinky diaper this night because the girl one sure seems to be pretty close tho is diaper butt.


Your marshmallows are on fire

It sure seems like this two have one cozy time together. Butt it seems like someone should check there food before the marshmallow is burning up :)

Aww… Poor swiftfoxfire really did try his best this time.

Looks like poor swiftfoxfire wont here ABU Lavender changed. Looks like she have a long way to go in order to be a big girl.

Rules for cubs – DaddySnowKitty

It seems like it is no way for the cubs to avoid being in diapers for a pretty long time.

Photos of the NRU Little Rascals

This NRU Little Rascals diaper sure looks pretty cute. Should be so nice to see some photos of the product when it is soggy. But i bet i am able to find some photos of that lather.