Aww… Poor swiftfoxfire really did try his best this time.

Looks like poor swiftfoxfire wont here ABU Lavender changed. Looks like she have a long way to go in order to be a big girl.

Rules for cubs – DaddySnowKitty

It seems like it is no way for the cubs to avoid being in diapers for a pretty long time.

Photos of the NRU Little Rascals

This NRU Little Rascals diaper sure looks pretty cute. Should be so nice to see some photos of the product when it is soggy. But i bet i am able to find some photos of that lather.

Have a paci-ed kitten in a rather saggy onesie

Yes it sure seems like this cat have ended up whit one very sagging diaper butt here. Maybe it is time for someone to do a diaper check on this cat and understand that it is time to change this cats diaper before his onesies end up whit from a leaking diaper.

Big kids have accidents too!

Yes it sure is true that even big kids can have accidents to but this sure looks like you have ended up whit more then one accident here.

One day coltpuppy is gonne be a big hero!

Yes maybe one day this little babyfur is going to be a big bad cop and stop some very bad people. But right now he is happy pretending to be a cop playing whit his toy police car in the nursery.