There’s only room for one grey

Poor Oli looks like he is force to be spending some time in the bottom of a diaper pail :( It sure going to be pretty stinky inside there in a couple of hours.

One soggy diaper pat – purplediaperbun

Giggle it sure seems like purplediaperbun have ended up whit a pretty well used diaper here. It sure is a amazing that the diaper dont have start leaking yet. But it sure is nice to play whit a diaper when it have ended up this soggy.

Pokemon Pikachu 20th Anniversary Congratulations – igusa025

Looks like this two Pikachu having a fun playing time together. .

Adellinden is going to need a new belt – BlankiePlush

Aww poor Adellinden :( looks like his big secret is out now that he still needs to wear diapers :( Poor thing he sure going to receive allot of teasing now :(

One super cute Raccoon drawing – PizzaCorg

Aww this sure is one cute Raccoon that we have here. He sure seems to be pretty happy and relax :)