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Nursery page 1-3

Nursery Nursery page 1

1. I remember this place. Think may mom have left me here when i was a baby.
2. I think i should check this place out and see how it is. Look like no one is here any more.
3. what? i dont remember this machine. I think i should turn it on and see what is happen.

Nursery page 21. What diapers, I dont wear diapers any more. What is this machine talking about?
2. What? no i dont wont to be naked at this place. I wont to wear my cloths.
3. Spanking? I have not tacking of my diaper, What is this machine thinking i am not 3 years old. This spanking relay hurts allot.

Nursery page 31. A diaper? i dont wont ot be back in diapers again. And how can the have diapers that fit me?
2. what is this? locking devise on my diaper? How should i have the chance to take it of now?
3. Looks like this crib is going to be my prison. But how is a going to be able to get back home now?

This is the last page that i have for now. But what to you think is going to happen to me now?

Draw by:   astolpho

Way cub should be in diapers part 1 & 2

Way cub should be in diapers part 1This is a good reason to let you cub still wear diapers. Dont always easy to listing to the body when it tells you to go potty. When you have fun playing whit a care. So i ends up whit wet pants and a big wet spot on the floor. So i think mommy is going to putt me back in diapers now.

Thanks to: ohnokttn who have draw this.

Way cub should be in diapers part 2Seams like mom is going to let me be in diapers for a long time now. To that day i have prove to here that i am not a baby any more. But i think it going to take some time before i can stop wearing my diapers.

Thanks to: ohnokttn who have draw this.