Some nice photo set of the Snuggies Waddler


A weary nice photo set of the Snuggies Waddler from Snuggies Diapers. Now you are able to see the diaper in all kind of cute views.

You can order the diaper on Snuggies Diapers or ABDLfactory.

Diaper change public


Looks like this cute diaper furry get some help whit the diaper change from another cute diaper furry. I bet it is his friends and he look weary happy that he could help his friend out.

Weary heavy diaper


Yes it really look like this little boy have end up whit a weary wet diaper. I think he needs to change the diaper pretty soon so he dont end up whit rash. It is not good to wear this well use diaper for too long time.