Little stinker – diaperdayshaze

Yes it sure seems like someone seems to have a pretty well used diaper here. All messy and wet diaper squishing play here :)

It sure most feel nice and awesome :)

Melissa bad crib moment

Aww poor Melissa looks like its back to wearing diapers again after what Kela and Talia did to her :( Poor thing i wounder how long the effect is going to last?

One soggy Tykables Overnights – vicariouslifethroughdragondicks

Looks like it was a good move to be wearing that night diaper. But maybe they should have add boosters from the start it sure seems like it was badly needed in the diaper for it to be able to handle all the rewetting during the night. He sure have ended up pretty soggy in the morning and the diaper sure look pretty heavy.

CTDC Bear Hugz – littlebearblueab

This sure looks like an interesting and cute abdl diaper :)

It sure pop up allot of new types of ABDL diapers on the market.

Just an innocent saggy SDK :)

This girl sure have one sagging diaper butt right now. I think she sure needs to start thinking about changing here diaper now before it start leaking in the middle of the kitchen.

Pokemon Comic: pika is here to protect you from nightmares!!

Aww poor girl looks like she is having a bad dreams but its seems like its good that she have a nice Pikachu friends that can calm here down :)

They sure have some nice snuggling time :)