One soggy Tykables Diaper – diapertx


Yes it sure seems like it was a good thing he decide to be wearing some good and thick diapers on his walk. He sure seems to be have flooding it allot for the diaper to be able to be that soggy and well used in only two hours. He sure know how to use his Tykables diaper.

Trying my BetterDry – diapergalicia


Wow this BetterDry diaper sure looks like a very thick diaper special when you check check out this girl wearing it. It sure looks kind of nice and comfy diaper to be wearing. wounder how it going to look like when it starting to get kind of wet? It sure most be expending allot then.

Do soaked this morning! – diaperboycoreybouchard


wow this diaper boy sure have ended up whit one pretty big and soggy diaper this morning. Look how well used this diaper is. It is kind of amazing that it has manage to handle every whit whiteout leaking.

One way of multitasking – ohiobaby


This sure is one way of multitasking you can do when you are wearing a diaper and playing some fun video games :)

Start the day with a fresh diaper – diapermaxi95


It sure seems like someone sure going to have one cozy day wearing this thick crinklz diaper :)

I only hope he dont going to be ending up whit a rash from wearing a thick diaper in the heat.


This sure is one soggy Tena Slip Ultima – dl-teen


Aww it sure seems like this boy have putting his Tena Slip Ultima to more then a good use. I should say it is very well used and sure seems to be close or have pass what it can handle before it starting to leak. But i sure hope that is not the case. I sure hope that he is thinking about a diaper change now.