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Close up Abri Form X-Plus wetting



Looks like someone wonted to show in close up when he is wetting his Abri Form X-Plus diaper :)

Leaking night diaper



Poor boy looks like he woke up whit a leaking Rearz Safari diaper :( Maybe he needs to add some boosters into the diaper to increase it capacity so he can avoid waking up to this :)

Squishy Bambino diaper :) – lewdpuddle



It looks like this girl sure have wake up whit a squishy Bambino Classico this morning. Good thing it was there to handle here night time accidents :)

One soggy BareBum diaper – fogopuronyc



Wow this diaper boy sure have ended up whit one supper soggy BareBum diaper. This diaper boy sure have put his diaper to some very good use :) But he should really start thinking about a diaper change before the diaper start leaking if it not already have that.

Diaper wetting Tykables Overnights



Looks like this diaper boy needed to go wetting his Tykables Overnights diaper :) What a good boy he is using his diaper instead of the big boys potty ;)

Wow what a soggy diaper boy – diaperdayshaze


It sure seems like this diaper boy have ended up whit one soggy diaper here. It sure seems and look like he have put this diaper to some good use :)