Tumblr – My ABDL Life

Blushing postman delivery – totallydiapers



I am sure that the postman sure get something to talk about whit his colleagues now after this special delivery. Seeing an adult boy wearing this type of diaper (Crinklz) sure most have been a surprise for him.

Bambino Classico The Noisy Diaper



Bambino Classico sure seems to be pretty noisy. Special when this diaper girl is playing around whit it.

Double everything – diaperboy78



Yes it sure seems like this diaper boy have put his Abri Form X-Plus diaper to some good use here even if he use double it seems time for a diaper change soon.

Making a messy diaper butt – totallydiapers


Looks like this diaper boy decided to do a messy diaper butt and then making sure that it cover his hole butt. It sure going to take some time to get that butt all clean up :)