Not quite ready for pull-ups – bbabybbear

No i think we all can agree on that this girl is sure not ready for pull-ups yet. She sure have ended up whit one quite soggy and sagging Tykables Overnights diaper here. Someone sure should start thinking about changing that girls diaper before it start leaking :(

Little Dreamers Diapers – LittleForBig

It sure seems like they are going to release one cute new diaper :)

Cuddlz Nursery Diaper Butt – apaddedguyj

Someone sure have a super cute diaper butt here. Do you not agree on that one? Should be kind of nice to give this padded butt a nice pat :) I bet i am not alone that wants to do that.

Goodnight moon – gadiaperboy

This sure is one cute CTDC Bear Hugz diaper butt that we have here :)

Someone sure seems to be ready for a good adventure :)

Nothing to see here – diaperking

I dont think i can agree whit it is sure something cute to see here :)

This thick diaper sure is going to keep him all dry and cozy thought many wetting before it needs to be change or feel wet.

Squishy diaper play – ibabynic

Looks like someone is squishy diaper play here. It sure is nice to play whit this kind of squishy diaper :)