Diaper wetting girl – fluffy-omorashi


Looks like this girl sure have some relaxing time whit here diaper. The diaper on the other hand dont have time to relax ;)

I didn’t think it would be so obvious – daddyreallyfistsme


Yes girl it sure looks like you was wetting your diaper pretty good here and it is sure notes it pretty well in this video :)

But i hope it felt good to release the pressure inside your bladder.

Messy diaper butts – babiesandtigers


Giggle all this diaper boys sure seems to be pretty busy making a big mess in there diapers at the same time :) in a wile it sure going to be pretty stinky whit all this messy diaper butts :)

It sure is a good thing that they are wearing some good diapers that can handle it.

The boy is ready for the day


Someone sure seems to be ready for the day whit a new clean diaper :)

I only hope the t-shirt is going to be able to hide his diaper. But if he bends over someone maybe is going to notes it.

I need a diaper change! – totallydiapers


Yes it looks like someone needs to start thinking about a diaper change here but we know that this diaper sure can handle allot of thing before it needs to be change. So maybe this diaper can handle a couple of more wettings before you needs to change it.

But it is not me that is wearing that diaper :) If this boy think his diaper needs to be changed maybe he should change it then :)

All ready for a good night – babycarter00


Someone sure seems to be ready for a good night sleep here :)

This daddy sure wont to have his little boy wearing good and thick diapers :) I dont think they need to be worry about any diaper leaks this night :)