The spanking interview

The spanking interview
The spanking interview

1) Frank is a reporter  and  he  has a very  popular television show entitled “Amazing puppies”!
This time Frank wanted to invite in his program, the twins, Sammy and Remi, because  they have broken the world’s record  as   the most  spanked pups on the planet!

Frank:”Good evening ladies and gentlemen and pups of all ages!This time I want to introduce the twins, Sammy and Remi!  Say  hello to the audience, boys!”

Remi:”Hello  mom!Hello  grandpa!”

Frank:”Well, let’s get down to business!Wow! Both  of  you broken up the record, as the most  spanked pups  in the world!How do you feel now, being so famous?Before any  of  you answer my  question, be very careful with this microphone!I bought it solely for this program!And  it’s  very  expensive!”

2) Sammy had begun talking when suddenly Remi snatched the  microphone from his hands   and began to say: “Hello everyone! My name is Remi and I’m the most handsome and intelligent pup in my house!Who broke the record as the most spanked pup in the world is this pup that I have at my side, Sammy, not me!Sammy wets  his bed, get bad grades, and most of the time disobeys dad!For this reason Sammy is the  pup with  the most sore bottom in  the  whole  world!And the real cute angel at home, it’s me!”

Sammy couldn’t believe what he was hearing and said:

And started a big fight between them!

3)While Sammy and Remi were  fighting, by “accident” they smashed the microphone recently bought by Frank!
Frank:”NOOOOOO!MY  NEW MICROPHONE!Little  devils, now you will see what  will  happen  to  both  of  you!”

4) Frank without saying a word, took the twins  by their waists, put  them on the desktop,  pulled down  their pants,undies  and  diapers and began to spanking  them!And it all happened live and in full color!

The cameraman was a little confused and asked:
“Hey  Lisa!What’s going on there?It was written  on the script?”

Lisa:”I really do not know! But we will certainly have a very high rating!”

Lineart  by  Victor/colors  and  story  by  me: nelson88

I have not draw this comic page and the characters is not me.


First time i have seen a interview end whit a spanking. But i agree that the Twins have earn this spanking and i bet it going to be more when the come home to daddy and he hear about how bad the have behave during the interview.

Bottoms up

Bottoms up
Bottoms up

1)A big snowfall had fallen the day before, and Matt had a lot of work to shovel all the snow that had fallen in front of their house!

Matt:”Listen my  pups , I have to say something  important!”

Remi:”We listen to you, dad! We are all ears!”

Matt:”Much snow has fallen, and I decided to do this work  myself.
Near  our  house, exist  a small hill, Sammy  and  you, can go there and use your sleds, but I warn you something!Since I have a lot of work today, I don’t want to hear, fights, shouting, complaints … because if I listen to both of   fighting … your little  rear  ends, will be really sore  and  sorry!Each  of  you promise me that   will be playing in peace and harmony?

And  each  pup  nodded:”We  promise!”

2)But  the little truce between them, didn’t last long!And  between  them, sliding  downhill, started a  big fight!

3)While the fight between  them  continued, none  of  them  realize where  were sliding, and both stumbled over a stone and   fell buried with their bottoms up, in the snow!

4)Matt had realized what had happened, and he sat very quietly near his twins,and  very  slowly ,to each of them, dropped the pants, underwear and diapers,and  began to  slap Sammy  and  Remi’s  butts,   like drums!

Matt:”Ok boys, both of  you earned it!”

This drawing is dedicated to my friends

abdl86 and RonaldMcCoon

Pic  based  on  their  drawing:

which  is  based  my  story!

Lineart  by  Victor/story/colors  by  me: nelson88

I have not draw this comic page and the characters is not me.


I would first begin whit to thanks nelson88 for mention me in the text

Seams it was easy for daddy to spank the twins now when the was stuck in the snow. Seams the even get spanked when the trying to have fun. Wounder what is going to be whit this two cubs when the grows up and how own pups. maybe the are going to spank there pups allot to? Maybe we are going to see that in a drawing some time.

With mom

With mom!
With mom!

1)As you all know now, Matt and Cindy are  a  divorced couple,because of some irreconcilable differences.
Maybe they are divorced, but not the responsibility that each of them have with their children!Cindy is now married for a second time, and every weekend, she takes her twins  to her home, to share and enjoy a good time with them.

Cindy:”All set and ready to take my twins with  me, Matt?”

Matt:”All  set!…You look so beautiful today!”

A  little  shy  Cindy  said:”Thanks for the compliment, see you on sunday afternoon!”

2)But before they left , the  twins took the floor and they said:

Remi:”Mom?Do  you remember the frog that made you scream in terror?”

Cindy:”Yes I remember!Both  of you made me too much pranks and mischief with that frog!The only thing is I don’t want to see it again, I’m afraid of frogs!And do not even think to take with both  of you that amphibious!”

The  twins:”Mom?Say  hello  to  mr.froggy jr.!We have now the son of the frog!And he will come with us! Isn’t it a great idea, mom?”

3)Cindy, with eyes of terror  she  cried screamed:

4)A  very  angry Cindy, without saying a word,  took her twins, she dropped their pants and underwear, later she took her belt and began to say:”How dare both  of you, play me a prank like that!This time you will go to my house with  your rear  ends well toasted!Take this, and this and more of this!”

Matt watching everything happened, said to himself:
“Aaaah! Just like the old times!”

But as always happens in these cases,the  ending  is  always  very  painful!

Lineart  by  Victor/colors/story  by  me: nelson88

I have not draw this comic page and the characters is not me.


Like i write before this two twins is newer going to learn to behave and here is the profs of that. I think it is good that mom spank them them both like this. and from the look on here face is going to be two toasted butt soon. I think we all can agree on that one.

The bad behavior pups part 2

The bad behavior pups part 2
The bad behavior pups part 2

1)Having been properly punished the  twins, Matt and  the  boss apparently, had more plans for  the  pups, between  their hands!

The boss:”My good friend  Matt has brought me a package with the new  diapers!What we will do with you two?Quite simply, both of  you will use these pink diapers, and will exhibit to all who work here!And  that  way will ended  your punishment!”

2)When finished talking, the boss was  in  charge  of Sammy!

3)And Matt was  in  charge  of Remi!

4)Everyone  in  the  company loved the new diapers that they wore Remi and Sammy!
You could hear comments like:
“Awww!Cute  diapered  butts!”
“Cute  sissy  boys!”
But I’m sure, for  the twins, none of what everyone  said,they   liked!

Lineart  by  Victor/colors  by  me: nelson88


Yes i agree this can be the perfect end to a spanking to let everybody see what sort of little pups there are. And to let them wear pink item only increase the last part of the punishment. I hope the going to learn to behave now from this relay embarrassed situation. But i think the going to to some more spanking and that soon before the going to understand that the need to behave.

The bad behavior pups

The bad behavior pups
The bad behavior pups

1)One day early in the morning, Matt had asked a very  important  favor to his boss.

Matt:”Boss, boss, I need your help urgently!”

The  boss:”Tell me all, I’m all ears!”

Matt:”My twins Sammy and Remi, haven’t class at school today, and I wanted to know if you can take care of them just for a couple of hours!During the morning,  I get to supervise and inspect today a large shipment of diapers with new designs!And I didn’t have enough time to take and  leave my kids at home!It will only be a couple of hours … please, boss?”

The boss:”Okay, okay!But I warn you, whatever your kids do mischief here  in  my  office,they will be punished!And you know that’s my specialty, with pups and those who aren’t!”

Matt:”Understood boss, and I give you all my power to do with my kids’ rear  ends, whatever you  want!”

2)But over the first hour, the boss’s office had become a madhouse!

3)The  boss:”Oh  no!I  leave my  office   for just for ten minutes  and look at all the chaos that you two have done here!”

The  twins:”We’re  sorry,boss!”

The  boss:”Maybe your little mouths are saying those apologized words now, but  the ones who really will  gonna  say  sorry are  your  little  butts!”

4)Matt had entered the office at that same time and his boss cried:
“Grab your very elusive pup, Matt!I’m busy with the ass of this one here!”

Bad behavior only leads to  a spanked  bottom!

Lineart  by  Victor/colors  by  me: nelson88

I have not draw this comic page and the characters is not me.


Seams like this two pups newer can stay out of trouble. I think the should learn something bay now whit all the spanking the gets. But it still seams the have lot of learn before that happens and i think there butt should be weary sensitive now from all the spanking. I hope the dont get any diaper rash because of this.

A sweet revenge for Sammy

A sweet revenge!
A sweet revenge!

1)Remi was playing with his bat  on the back of his house, but he  hit  so  hard the ball and it fell  on the yard of Mrs. Rita!The  very  grumpy next door neighbor!

2)Remi:”Oh no! My ball landed in the yard of Mrs. Rita! She is always complaining about everything and is very grumpy!How I can  seek my ball?Hey!What  is  this?A small hole so that I can  enter myself and look for  my  ball!Very  niceeee!Remi, you’re not only handsome, you’re a genius!”

3)But Remi didn’t  know  the hole was too small for  him and unfortunately he got stuck on  it!
Remi:”Gosh! Now  I’m in big trouble!…Sammy, Sammy, help me!”

4)Sammy:”Are you stuck in  there and  need  my  help, my dear brother?”
Remi:”Sammy, Sammy help me! Get me out of here before  Mrs. Grumpy see  me!Hurry!”

5)Sammy:”Don’t worry, Mrs. Rita’s traveling for a few days,and  I’m going to help you and get out of there, but first you need a little discipline!”
Remi:”What do you mean with a “little discipline”?”
Sammy:”Remember what you did to me last week?

Remi:”You’re still mad at me?Come on brother! I was punished too…remember?”
Sammy:”But even so, you need an extra punishment!”
Remi:”You can’t do this to  me!”
Sammy:”Sorry  bro, your  bare white  butt is ready to  be roasted!”

6)Viewing Remi’s  face expression, wich means  that  his little ass will end very toasted!

Another sweet  revenge and mission  accomplished!

Lineart  by  Victor  and  colors  by  me: nelson88

I have not draw any of this comic page and the character is not me.


I can agree that is not good to scar dad and i can understand that Sammy dont can miss a chance to spank his brother now when he have a big chance to give Remi allot of spanking now when he is stuck in the wooden fence. This is going to be a weary toasted butt when Sammy is don whit it and a sweet revenge for him.