No undies?

No undies?“Oh no!It can be!Where are my undies?”
shouted Lupus!

It seems that Lupus’s babysitter was washing clothes, and among them was one of her favorites … undies with star designs!
And he decided that he would not wear any other undie until the one who was washing was dry!

The blushing little wolf belongs to masterlupus

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88


Poor Lupus looks like he is force to walk around half naked and wait for his favorite undies to be all clean and dry.

Looks like he is going to be force to stand there blushing for a wile now :(

The cute little archer!


The cute little archer!Little Ikkey loves archery!
And I’m sure that with and without his diaper on, he look too cute!^^

The bare bottom fox belongs to Ikkey

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88


Giggle wounder if he have notes that he dont wear the diaper any more ;)

But i bet he is going to notes it soon when he is finish focus on trying to hit the mark whit his arrow.

Should be a little cute to see how he react to that. Maybe he scream for mommy.

Show Interrupted

Show Interrupted

Island just doesn’t take internet safety to heart. He also like all the compliments and encouragement those watching his streams give him. It seems dad isn’t too happy about his son’s antics. I wonder what will happen next?

Characters and above text belongs to island

Draw by BaltNWolf


Poor Island he sure is in very big trouble now :( But i sure wounder what was the stream about?

Maybe it was about how to keep your parents diaper you?


Star’s candies Part 2

Star's candies Part 2As you can see in this second picture, it may not have been a good idea.

Draw and everything by UniaMoon


Like we thought it was note a good id to store the candy inside the diaper :( Now he have ended up messy the diaper and maybe some of the candy have ended up getting messy as well :(

Poor thing it seems like he not going to be able to eat that match candy now :(



Ame’s brother was out for the weekend, so one of his college classmates generously offered to babysit his little brother.
Of course Ame insisted he could stay up late and watch scary movies since it was so close to halloween, turns out really can’t since he wet himself at the first jumpscare.

Draw and everything by RainyKirin


Even if Ame’s brother have some trouble handling scary movie and end up wetting himself during there movie time. It is nothing to worry about because i think the diaper that he is wearing sure seems to be thick enough to handle a couple of wetting :)

So everything should be fine :)

But It’s so Beautiful Page 2

But It's so Beautiful Page 2After the punishment,Sam decided to  comfort his beloved companion, hugging and kissing his sore and red rear end  … something that Dan liked very much!^^

For lavilovi

Linearts by Victor/colors by nelson88


Awww it sure seems that bunny love the heat from this cat butt after his spanking. This sure is one special love moment here :)