Bumooza Limited Edition Diaper – Alphabet Classic

Bumooza Limited Edition Diaper – Alphabet Classic FrontBumooza Limited Edition Diaper – Alphabet Classic Front Back

This is a limited edition product. The first and last production run is over. When stocks run out, they will be gone for good!

Our goal when designing the Alphabet Classic diaper was to create a uniquely designed product with high-end specs that would go toe-to-toe with the best the market has to offer. Containing 50 grams of super absorbent polymer (SAP), a plastic backing, front and rear elastic waistbands, and four of the stickiest tapes we could find, this premium diaper is sure to please!

Alphabet Classic diaper specs:

5000 ml absorbency rating* (diaper contains 50 grams of SAP)

Plastic backing

Four super sticky refasten-able tapes (each tape measures 4 centimeters in width)

Front and rear elastic waistbands

Active leak guards

Inner-layer ink application to avoid color bleeding onto clothes and linens

Transparent plastic landing zone


Note – Currently, the Alphabet Classic is only available in size medium. Because no more production runs will take place for this product, size Large will not become available in the future. 

*Absorbency ratings are provided by our manufacturer under ideal testing conditions. These ratings are best used as a guideline when comparing to similar products, real-world results will vary. 

Bumooza Limited Edition Diaper – Alphabet Classic

You find the product here: https://bumooza.com/ if you wont to check it out or maybe place a order of the product to test it.


So full – barkyaanarki

Yes i bet we all agree that this diaper has been pretty busy keeping your bed all dry and cozy. You sure have been a good boy and using your diaper instead of that scary potty.

squish squirms – Dog_gone_crazy

Yes it sure seems like you could not keep that diaper but at least you was a good boy and put that diaper on otherwise someone should have woke up whit a very wet bed. At least now the bed is all nice and cozy when you woke up instead of wet and cold.

Soggy diaper butt playtime – barkyaanarki

Looks like someone receive some nice squishy diaper butt playtime here :) It sure most be kind of nice to be playing whit that diaper :)

Poor health and diapers – Satuki_rabbit

Aww looks like someone is sick here :( Maybe he should go for some thicker diaper during the time he is sick. The diaper he is wearing now seems to have start leaking pretty bad :(

Its no fun to be dealing whit a leaking diaper and it is even worse when you dont feel so god and only wont to go back to bed and resting. I hope he have someone that can help him deal whit this kind of blushing situation.

These Mrs Cyan stickers are wonderful – Bubblewuff

Giggle whit that kind of information it should be more easier on where the cubs butt should be :) If you did dent know that already ;)