Diaper Review Of Absorbency Plus

You maybe remember that i create a post for a couple of days ago about the new Absorbency Plus that XP Medical have release. Today i found a good review of this product that ADISC had link to.

So i decide that i should create a new post and link to this review so more people found out how this diaper are when it comes to Padding Size, Shape and all other things that can be good to know before you deiced to place an order on this new diaper.

Here is the link to the diaper review of Absorbency Plus that i was talking about: //www.incontinencesupport.info/Absorbency_Plus_Briefs.html

Wellness Briefs Superio Signature Series

Wellness Briefs Superio Signature Series
Wellness Briefs Superio Signature Series.

Superio is our top of the line brief providing unprecedented protection. They feature a super strong plastic back, a wider core, and a white outer shell. These briefs are so innovative that they were featured on Discovery Channel’s How stuff works and are designed to last 8-12 hours using NASA inspired multi layered InconTek® technology similar to designs used by astronauts in space for long missions. It has a unique scheduled changing system and is therefore is one of the easiest to use. This is revolutionary because changes can actually be scheduled to only once in eight hours/ three in 24 hours putting the wearer or caregiver in control with no worry of any exposure to the effects of urine. More cost effective than other briefs because of fewer changes and rarely requires expensive creams or ointments.

Wellness Briefs Superio Signature Series

It sounds from this text that wellness have made some weary big improvements on there diaper.

I have not heard so match yet about this diaper yet. But if you wont to follow what people going to think about it you can check in this topic on ADISC: .

I hope that some one is going to post a review about this new diaper there soon. it going to be nice to see what people think about the improvements that they have made.

Lille Supreme Fit – Maxi Review

This Lille Supreme Fit – Maxi Diaper Review is written by: Xanthia on ADISC. Many thanks to this user that give me the permission to post this.

Lille Supreme Fit - Maxi (3370ml) Medium (80-130cm) Pack of 20
Lille Supreme Fit – Maxi (3370ml) Medium (80-130cm) Pack of 20

The appearance of these are not something to be bragged about. They’re plain white with an ‘M’ pattern on it (assumably so you know which size they are!) and rectangular stripe down the middle.

Lille Supreme Fit - Maxi1

As advertised the sizes is pretty spot on. Unfortunately I can’t really compare it to other brands that you’re familiar with. Long as you know what waist/hips you are, you got no problems getting into these.

They have a yellow wetness indicator which turns blue so you know when abouts you’re a due a change. Although I don’t use it, some people like this feature. There is also some elastication on the front of these, allowing good movement without them feeling like they’re gonna fall off in one position to another.

The tapes are pretty standard with nothing particularly impressive. The material is pretty soft and not too plasticy. I think it’s considered more cloth like? If these were to be worn out I would suggest plastic pants as you can feel as if you’re clothes are wet when they’re not.

As well as the usual leak guard, it is elasticated around your thigh for a sure fitting. I’ve yet to have a leak in these! So going onto fitting…

Performance and Fit

I think these fit really well. They’re comfortable, and have no complaints in that aspect. I have found they can hold 3 good wettings if not a few trickles while sat down with no leaks.

As I only wear at home, only take this as a guidance. The noise of these are next to nothing. I can walk to and from my kitchen without hearing too much of a crackle, snap or pop!

The tapes stick well and don’t move, rip or unstick. I also found that if I had done it up too loose I could easily re-stick it tighter and it would still hold perfectly fine. They stayed on my waist very well even when full.

I don’t find these particularly discreet while on though. They bulge a lot on the front, and being a women this isn’t necessarily a good thing! This is probably my only complaint so far.

Price and Final Thoughts

These were bought from Amazon in the UK from a seller called DryLife. They cost me £13.75 for 20 which I consider a reasonable price compared to some and the overall performance. They were AB/DL friendly in regards of packaging and shipping completely discreetly, even if the package is quite big!

Overall I really like these, and the only real comparison I can give is I think they’re better than Tender All-In-One Adult Diapers. So if you’re in the UK, I would give these a try

You can find lot more pitcher on Lille Supreme Fit – Maxi on this forum post:

Out of stock for the Dry 24/7 at XP medical

I have think about the info that XP medical have place on there website about way the Dry 24/7 have bean out of stock.

This is the info thatXP medical have on there Dry 24/7 Maximum Absorbency Briefs page:

Those who buy this product regularly may have noticed that the Dry 24/7 have been out of stock repeatedly over the past few months. While there are a number of reasons for this, the basic fact is that Dry 24/7 is in the process of moving their production to a new machine and this has taken longer than anticipated. I expect that we will see a re-launch of the Dry 24/7 brand later this year with much improved quality and better delivery times.

I wounder way //www.dry247.com/ dont have put any information about this on there site? Should not the company be out of stock to if the had some problem whit the moving on the production?

Maybe it is some good explanation for that?

You can talk more about it on ADISC:

The Dangers of Potty Training Too Early

I found this interesting article about the dangers when it comes to potty training the baby to early on ADISC:

This is a direct link to the article: //www.babble.com/toddler/toddler-health-safety/dangers-potty-training-early/

A post a short information blow was the article is about:

You’ve probably heard the arguments in favor of early toilet training. They train early in Europe! Toddlers are more compliant than three-year-olds! Diapers are bad for the environment! Perhaps you’ve even read scientific studies concluding that children who train later are more likely to end up having accidents.

As a pediatric urologist who specializes in toileting problems, I’ll tell you this: Children under age 3 should not manage their own toileting habits any more than they should manage their college funds. Preschools that require 3-year-olds to be potty trained – like the one in Virginia that suspended 12-year-old Zoe Rosso for excessive potty accidents – are harming kids. And infant toilet training, promoted in Mayim Bialik’s new book Beyond the Sling, is just plain nuts – unless, like Bialik, you monitor your child 24/7, feed your child a high-fiber vegan diet, and home-school your child. Babies need to experience uninhibited voiding, or elimination, without the expectation of using the toilet at such an early age.

It’s not that young kids can’t be potty trained. Sure they can. But knowing how to poop on the potty is not the same as responding to your body’s urges in a judicious manner.

Let’s fast-forward two or three years. That’s when potty prodigies show up at my clinic – one of a handful specializing in dysfunctional voiding – with the sudden onset of pee and poop accidents, urinary tract infections (UTIs), urinary frequency, and/or bedwetting.

“I don’t get it,” a mom will tell me. “I didn’t push her – she basically trained herself.”

I believe these parents, but unfortunately it’s typically the kids who trained earliest and most easily who develop the most serious problems. I see about 100 kids a week at my clinic, and about half are dysfunctional voiders; most of them trained before 3.

To understand the risks of early training, it’s important to know that virtually all toileting problems – pee and poop accidents, bedwetting, urinary frequency, and urinary tract infections – are related to chronically holding pee or poop or both.

You can find match more information on this link: //www.babble.com/toddler/toddler-health-safety/dangers-potty-training-early/

Like you can see it dont look so good if you decide to potty training a baby to early. Seams it can leads to some bad things for the baby.

Unique Wellness Review

Unique Wellness

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Unique Wellness Package
Unique Wellness

This review is written by DaveTDL on ADISC.

There is a lot of hype about the Unique Wellness Brief. They are advertised as “Nasa Adult Diapers” or “Based on NASA Technology”. So one day I checked out their website, created an account, and checked to see what the total cost would be with shipping. Several days later I received a sample of the Unique Wellness large size in the mail. I’ve always wanted to try these to see if they live up to the hype, and now I had my chance. I liked the samples enough that I bought a 20 pack of large. I’ve tried a lot of the premium Adult Diapers, and a lot of them already have reviews on ADISC. And since there is not really a review of them here, I figured I’d give one.

A bit about my use of diapers: I wear diapers only to bed at night, I am mostly a side sleeper, but sometimes sleep on my back. I usually wear anywhere from six to twelve hours at a time. I do use baby powder and no matter what diaper I use, I always wear plastic pants as a backup. I do not have sensitive skin, so rashes have not been a problem. Now on to the review.

Appearance and Construction

These diapers are not very thick….they are thinner than Abena X-Plus and Molicare super. The large size is green in color, and the mediums are blue. They have elastic at the legs, none at the waist. They are plastic backed, and the plastic backing appears to be somewhat thin, but holds up very well. There is a wetness indicator running through the center of the outer backing, and it turns a blue color when it’s time to change. There are standing barriers at the legs. The standing barriers are a bit shorter than some of the others I’ve used, but they do pretty well. Since I don’t usually walk around in them, I can’t really comment on how much noise they make.

Fit and Comfort

The website says that the small/medium fits 26 to 36 inch waist, and the large fits 36 to 46 inch waist. I have about a 40 inch waist so I went with the large. These tend to run a bit big in my opinion. There is a lot of wing to tuck under the back, and the diaper gapped a little bit at the back of the legs. There are specific instructions that the lower tapes need to be angled upwards, and the upper tapes need to be angled downward. Since I put these on myself, I may not be getting the tapes done quite right. I like my diapers snug, and it is difficult for me to get these as snug as I like. But they worked fine for me despite the fit issues. I ordered a sample of the mediums just to see if the fit would be better. The mediums were quite a bit snugger, but I still had the gapping issue at the back of the legs. The tapes on the mediums reached up to the front, but without much to spare. I think if you fall into the upper part or the size range for either the medium or large then they will work fine. I find that these are quite comfortable to wear. Even the snugness of the mediums was not uncomfortable. I can sit down in them just fine, and can hardly feel they are there even with my tossing and turning.


There are two tapes on each side. The Unique Wellness uses the typical two tape system of premium diapers. There is a white tape on top of a blue tape. This is supposed to allow you to re-tape if needed. I have found that most two tape systems do not work well for re-fastening, and this diaper is no exception. Once you have removed the white tape, it does not stick very well to either the blue tape or the plastic backing But the blue tape that sticks to the plastic backing does a good job. I was concerned that the apparent thinness of the backing would be a problem, but even with pulling the tapes hard to try to get a snug fit, I’ve not had one break, nor has it ripped the plastic backing while in use. The real issue I’ve had with the tapes is that the white tape tends to slide off of the blue tape. This has happened on four of the five diapers I’ve used from the pack. The samples did not do this. Once the white tape gets past the blue tape it will stick to the plastic backing sometimes, but this of course results in a loose fit. Several times the tape has become useless after sliding off, requiring an early change. When the tape system works right though, it really works. I’ve never had the blue tape pop off, only the white one.

Absorbency and Containment

These are probably the most absorbent Adult Diapers I’ve ever used. They will take about three full bladders before I even start to feel wet. They absorb pretty quickly, and I don’t have the ‘running liquid’ feeling. They do not wick very well, however. They are supposed to hold over 80 ounces of liquid, and I’m sure they are capable of doing that. But in real world use, they will probably not come close to that. The front of the diaper will be saturated, while the back will be almost bone dry. But they do the job just fine for me. I can go all night without worrying about leaking. As far as messes go, I’ve only tried this once, and the standing barriers and leg elastic did a great job. There was a bit of mess leaking where the diaper was gapping, but it was minor, and probably no fault of the diaper, just the way they fit me. After a while the padding does tend to clump toward the middle of the crotch, but it’s not as bad as some diapers I’ve used. I did notice that the front of the diaper gets a little moist, but this may be because I use plastic pants. I saw something somewhere that said things like that may happen when using plastic pants, and the manufacturer does not recommend using them. I do anyway because I like to have a back-up just in case.

Cost and Conclusion

Overall, this is a very good diaper. Most of the issues I have are probably due to the way they fit me, and I don’t think this is the fault of the diaper. The tape system is my only real complaint, and I will probably send a quick email to customer service about this. I may have had a bad batch or something. As far as performance goes, they are at least as good as Abena or Molicare. I will likely purchase these again as these beat even my previous favorite. They are a bit pricey though. At regular price for a bag of 20, including shipping, they come to about $2 each. Cases have free shipping, there are discount codes, and I’ve seen them on sale for about $7 less than regular price. I got them on sale for about $1.70 each. The cost is worth it though. I suggest getting samples of both medium and large so you can find out which one fits best. The samples come two to a pack, are free, but there is a $1.99 shipping charge.

If you need good protection at night, then these are worth a try. Next to cloth, these are the best diaper I’ve used. If I get a new package and the tapes are better, then these will be my new go to disposable.

The source to the text:

Unique Wellness
Unique Wellness diaper

I would like to thanks DaveTDL for this Unique Wellness Review.