JimmyWuffsterno amount of babysitting experience is enough to prepare you for natasha

full detail commission for jimmywuffster on twitter.

Draw and text by ludisluteo

Source: https://inkbunny.net/s/1685875

Of course is he good on using his diaper when he dont have any other choice now when he is strap down in this big baby bouncer. But at least its a good thing they have put him in diapers.

Looks like the babysitter now is in need of someone that is watching him ;)

I sure wounder how he is going to be able to get out of this mess. But one thing for sure he needs to get out of that messy diaper he have ended up whit.



klonoa may not be my cup of tea but hell yeah flooding diapers with cum is great.

A reward for an anonymous patron from ludisluteo

Source: https://inkbunny.net/s/1685871

He making a big stinky mess into his diaper from both end ;) But i sure wounder way he is making some diaper orgasm? Is it something inside his thick diaper that is playing whit his pee pee?

Naughty Pachi

Naughty Pachi

simple reward for PuffyPachi on twitter
kittens that make it the whole day without breaking any rules or causing any trouble get special treatment at the end of the day

they get to spend bottle time laying across a caretaker’s lap getting their very full pamps played with

while extremely enjoyable, this is a double edged sword as it makes them more likely to break the only rule they can still break

if you drop your bottle or aren’t finished with it by the end of bottle time, you lose out on your last change of the day

this generally means that good kittens get put to bed in very stinky, and very very sticky diapers

Draw and text by ludisluteo

Source: https://inkbunny.net/s/1679624

I sure think this Pachirisu is going to lose his last change and be force to sleep in a messy sticky diaper. His room sure going to end up smell pretty bad.

Not Quite Naptime

Not Quite Naptime

kittens that aren’t quite ready for naptime get either a beanbag chair or a big plush and some strong hypnotic suggestions that are guaranteed to tire them out

Reward for PamperPacker on twitter

Draw and text by ludisluteo

Source: https://inkbunny.net/s/1679625

Aww it sure seems like this cat is going to have a pretty hard time get some sleep now :( And it even seems like he maybe have broke his footed sleeper or maybe the diaper have expending so match so the buttons on the sleeper cannot handle it any more :(

Sissy Trouffee

Sissy Trouffee

Order by Trouffee

Draw by ludisluteo

Source: https://inkbunny.net/s/1675960

At lest she got here wish now :) Be treating like a baby again and wear and use diapers. She sure seems to be pretty good at using here diaper.

Just couldn’t wait

Just couldn't wait

Sometimes Island likes to be diapered and Milano prefer to change Island himself to avoid possible leaks. Island was a little too impatient this time but dad just happened to be around.

Character and text belongs to island

Draw by RainyKirin

Source: https://inkbunny.net/s/1671138

Looks like Milano prefer to have Island in some thick diapers :) It sure seems to fit him pretty good and this diaper sure can keep handle a couple of big accidents to :)

So its nothing to worry about diaper leaks here :)