Changing in a stall is hard

Changing in a stall is hard
Changing in a stall is hard.

I hope no one hears the crinkling.

Tiger: Se7enTiger.

Draw by: emeritus_terciel.

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Yes i know changing in a stall is not the easiest thing that you can do. Special if the diaper is of that type that give away lots of nosies and you need to be careful to so the wet diaper not landing on the floor whit a big splashing sounds that can come from a weary wet diaper. And the diaper you wear look to be that kind of wet that can give away that kind of sand if it landing on the floor. So i hope that you hold on to your diaper so that not happen.

A thing that can be good if it is allot of other nosies around your stall that make things allot easier for you to do the change. It is not easy to discover the crinkling sounds from your diaper from all the other things they here.

I hope that things ends up good for you and that no one found out about the diapers.



Final diaper check for Foxy (gift art)

Final diaper check for Foxy (gift art)

Foxy is ready to go to sleep,he have his favorite plushie “Pikachu”, his favorite pillow and above all, a very comfortable and fresh diaper!

But his mom gives him a last check out , just in case and says:
“Ok! You’re ready now! Goodnight my little butt crinkle cub!”

Lineart by Victor/colors and story by Nelson88.

Foxys mom wont to make sure that Foxy is ready for a good night sleep. And to make sure of that she doing the final diaper check to make sure it is on the right way. Foxy need to spread his legs some but because of the diapers thickness. But he dont mind he have his favorite Pikachu Plushy that he can cuddling whit and beside this is nothing new for him. His mom have always make sure that he wears the thickest diaper. To make sure that the diaper dont leak during the night.

Other furrys maybe think that Foxy have a messy diaper. But that is not the case the diaper is so thick so it force the legs apart when he stands up. But that make him even more cuter.

Mikey’s earlier shinobi training

Mikey's earlier shinobi training
Mikey’s earlier shinobi training.

When Mikey got into becoming a shinobi it was quite difficult at first especially when it came to chakra control. every once in a while during his beginner’s training he would focus too hard on trying to control his chakra and it would soon remind him very well of his lack of potty training whenever he built up too much chakra for him to handle. Looks like his Sensei will have to get Mikey’s diaper bag.

Vulpix: mikey777

Draw by: kekolunarwolf

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Yes i can agree Mikey really need a diaper change right now. This was a weary big load that he make in his diaper. So i bet his mommy is happy that she decided to keep him in diapers. Should not be so fun to clean his pants if this big load ended up there instead of the diaper that he wearing.

I hope some one can change him soon so he dont end up whit a nasty diaper rash from wearing this weary messy diaper for a long time.


Messy diaper at the park

Messy diaper at the park
Messy diaper at the park.

While being taken to the park for an outing, its one thing to be told to go play. Its a completely different story when you are tethered to the sandbox knowing full well that it would be a matter of time before my diaper would be used. Oh well, I suppose babies wouldn’t mind so much so I guess I will have to learn to not mind it either.

If it wasn’t under the threatening of the spanking of my life, I would just undo the straps. I guess i will just have to make the best of it, now if only the little kids were not such big pests.

Story and baby cat: Gamerkitty.

Draw by: catmonkshiro.

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It look like this cat is in a big need of a diaper change right now. And i can understand that is not so match fun to have this messy diaper butt so visible so every one can see what you have done in your diaper. I hope that your caretaker is coming soon to change you so you can get away from that mean boy that make fun of the thing you have done in your diaper so every one could hear about it.

Milo Worker Badge

Milo Worker Badge
Milo Worker Badge.

Milo: malymilo

Badge draw by: TaviMunk

Source: //

Aww this was a weary cute and nice drawing by TaviMunk. Milo look so happy right now when he is playing whit his truck and wearing his big construction helmet that i think look little to big for him. Maybe he have borrowed it from his Daddy.

The text that i have on his t-shirt (Momma`s Little man) fit him weary good when he playing whit this kind of toys. And i hope that he going to spend allot of hours this day playing whit this thing in his sandbox. Of cures he need to leave his sandbox allot of time during the day for some food, nap time and of curse for the diaper change. But the time between this thing he can have a fun playtime in the sandbox.

Foxy’s diaper change

Foxy's diaper change
Foxy’s diaper change.

Me getting my diaper change by ronaldmccoon

Ronald and Foxy have spend the whole day outside. And when they haded back home Foxy had a big messy accident in his wet diaper. Good thing they was close to home because Foxy have allot of trouble walking now when the diaper was this messy. Good thing that Ronald was there to help out. And when they was back home Ronald and Foxy went straight to the changing table so he could changes Foxy weary wet and messy diaper before he ends up whit a diaper rash.
Draw by: iakhot