Full Of Yummy…?

Full Of Yummy...?When you make orange juice with foy water, what do you get?
a) A confused, regressed pup
b) A delicious idea for stories
c) Comments about how cute the baby pup now looks
d) All of the above

THIS WILL BE GRADED on a scale of 1-100. Failures will face the dreaded changing. X3

Commission of Toya by Marci McAdam at AnthroCon 09.

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2483259/

Seams like Toya have found something to drink that he dont should drink. Special if he dont wont to turn into a baby boy again. But from the look on his face he dont seams to be to happy about this discovery

Badge Art Collection USB drive

Badge Art Collection USB driveI got this USB drive from MarciMcAdam today and i most say that was allot of nice badge in that collection. Was lots of very nice and cute babyfurs And i most say that i found allot of badge that i would like to have view on my blog.

If you wont to have a Badge Art Collection USB drive on you own? You find all the find you need on this link: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/3835752/

This is something very nice and cute to have :)

Pikachu and Victini

Pikachu and Victini


Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8933533/

I love the shape of Pikahcus diaper. But the drawing miss something that should make it more perfect.But it is still something that i wont to post this on my blog. I most say that RuugiaRuu is good to draw Pikachu. I hope to see some more Pokemon diaper art form this user very soon. That should be something to see :)

Dakko’s Nursery – page 8/11

Dakko's Nursery - page 8/11

Draw by: KaaLover

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8922351/

Seams like Dakko is finish whit is baby meal now.Seams like he dont have any more room in his baby tummy now. and the Octopus things is it time for the nap. But Dakko dont seams to be any sleepy in this moment. Do you think the Octopus is going to  get Dakko to have his nap?

“The Powdering Machine!” by Myoti

"The Powdering Machine!" by Myoti
“The Powdering Machine!” by Myoti

So   decafdragon and Digitz got a commission from   myoti recently, and it’s a really fun one! I decided to come up with a silly little story to kind of set it up!

So cool, swaggerific college aged furs Digitz and Tex decide to team up for a research project for science class, and they choose the topic of new develops in A.I. They hear that a local daycare is developing a new “nursery bot” machine to help take care of the cubs.

Upon arriving, some of the designers are showing it off, and Digitz and Tex are highly impressed…and they unfortunately utter the words “So how does it work?” With a sly smile, some of the designers say “Here, let’s show you!”

So before they know it, Digitz and Tex are dressed in babyish attire, given pacifiers, and put into safety restraints on a changing table (the restraints are there for squirmy, fussy cubs to ensure that they don’t fall off the changing table). And before they know it, yes, Digitz and Tex are heavily powdered and diapered. The bot senses that they need extra special amounts of powder, so as you can see, Tex gets an extra special amount even after he’s diapered up.

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8918075/

I love this story tho this pitcher. And i woundering where can i find this Powdering machine :) This should be something fun to try. And yes babys needs to have allot of baby powders in their diapers so de dont get diaper rash. The skin in the diaper area needs to be smooth, clean and dry to.