Babyfur Comic: How to Get Girls Part 1 and 2

How to Get Girls Part 1Bear Digitz

Draw by Friar


Yes i bet this was not something that he thought could happen when he was talking to that girl that he would like to get more attention from the girls. Now when he is a baby again he is going to get allot of it.

How to Get Girls Part 2Bear Digitz

Draw by Friar


Poor little boy. It look like the girls is going to make him stay in the baby state for some time now. Poor boy he dont look so happy about it.

Comic strip: A Foxy Summer

A Foxy Summer

A few comic strips I made for the Finnish children’s magazine “Koululainen”.

Translations and explanations:

Strip 1:
– Midsummer’s bonfires are a bit too intense for my taste…
– … but here’s a Midsummer’s tree!

Midsummer is a pretty big celebration here in Finland (almost as big as Christmas), and traditionally people put up huge bonfires to celebrate it. So I thought it would be funny and cute to celebrate it with a decorated tree as well. :P

Strip 2:
– Wanna have a sip mr. mosquito?
– OUCH! I mean mrs. mosquito!

I just recently realised it would’ve been a lot funnier without the last speechbubble! The joke was that it’s actually a female mosquito cos’ only female mosquitos bite. :v

Strip 3:
– On a hot day like this, I could use a glass of water!

Pretty self-explanatory, he got what he wanted! :P

Another generic fox character © ReXam-1
Art © ReXam-1


What a nice comic strip.

Ask Poofy #26

Ask Poofy #26…I wouldn’t mind some cute barn print padding. But gonna need the XXXL if I’m ever gonna hide -that-. :f

Draw and text by poofy-shark


Yes that cow shark really going to need some bigger diaper is he going to have any room for that cow thing that he have now.

I peed again and again and again and

I peed again and again and again andI just couldn’t stop xD

Baby and draw by kratox


It is easy to see that this little cute cub is a long way to get potty trained. He seems to have no control over his wet accident that he is having and even if he do where some thick diaper he seems to make them leak sometime.

Hope he have one that can change him into a clean and dry diaper now before it starting to leak more then it already have.

Even Princesses Need Help

Even Princesses Need Help“I do hope he likes blueberries. I never did ask him…”
It was a lazy Friday afternoon, the house that Shane inhabited was filled with the smells of pies cooling on the open window seal, warm baking cookies, and cake batter. Halo had let herself in early that morning after Shane had left on bike to get to his job at the local record store. This was a regular occurrence for Halo to sneak into Shane’s home and bake him stuff, or even clean house for the ‘Yote, however she never stayed long, and was always gone before he returned from work. She thought of herself as a cleaning fairy for him.
Suddenly, the sound of dinging returned the color splatted bear back from her thoughts. “Ah yes, the cookies are done.”

“Thank god for getting off work early.” Shane peddled has hard as he could. He couldn’t wait to get home and have some sissy time. Just yesterday he got his Ginko cosplay and he had been dreaming about wearing it all day! “I can’t wait to get padded up and wear Ginko.” Shane said to himself happily as he sped down the sideway, just avoiding a few large rocks.

Back at the house, Halo had just pulled the cookies from the oven, and laid them out neatly on some parchment paper she had previously placed on the counter. Patting her paws on the cake and cookie batter covered apron she had on to protect her poke-a-doted dress, she let out a small laugh, taking in the smells and look of all her hard work. “Ah, Shane is going to love all these sweets!” Halo told herself excitedly. With a quick turn, she made her way to the bathroom to wash herself up, and get ready to return to her own place.

The sound of tires sliding on pavement quickly become the dominate sound in the quiet suburb Shane lived. He had hit max speed coming down the street and had to break as hard as his paws would let him, just missing the garage door by an inch. His eagerness had gotten the best of him and the anticipation to wear his new costume completely blocked out anything that would tip him off that someone else was currently occupying his home. As he pushed open the door and shut it behind him and began to strip down to his diaper underneath. Once unclothed he went for his long awaited prize.
The box containing Ginko’s outfit laid idle on the couch. “Ah yes, I can’t wait to wear you!” Shane said loudly in anticipation, his ‘Yote tail swaying like mad, his ears lying flat.
Just as he began to cut open the tape on the top of the box with a claw, a voice came from the kitchen door.
“Shane? Why are you home so early? And what are you wearing?”
All the color drained from Shane’s cheeks. He wasn’t alone, and worse- he was in his diaper. He had never told anyone about his pamper love. Like a deer in headlights, he froze, just staring at Halo in the doorway. Before he could do anything, he began to wet himself out of embarrassment.
It didn’t take long for Halo to break the silence. “Oh my poor, poor baby!” she cooed, her bear ears twitching. “I didn’t mean to startle you—and you made a mess, oh my poor darling let me clean you up.” She wasted no time grabbing the ‘Yote’s paw, and attempting to put him on the couch.
“W-wait!” his voice was shaken up. “I have a c-changing room.”
“You do?”
“Y-yeah… down the hall, the first door on the right.”
“Well let’s get you all cleaned up then. Do you have any clean diapers?”
“Yeah! Loads of them…”
“Good, let’s get you dry.”
“C-Can you bring the box with you?”
Shane pointed to the box half way open on the couch. “It’s my Ginko outifit…”
“Then let’s get my baby changed and dry.”
Shane’s began to relax. He was sure Halo would have acted negatively towards him for enjoying being padded, but she didn’t seem to mind one bit- and she wanted to change him? That was something he had dreamed about for a long, long time- but he could never ask anyone.

Soon, Shane was laying on a white and purple changing bed, her most favorite plushies beside her. She had changed into Ginko’s outfit (even if Halo had protested that he would get it dirty before she could change her) A blush crossed her face, her blue eyes never leaving Halo’s. “T-Thank you, Mama Bear.”
Halo smiled, grabbing a fresh diaper from beneath the changing station. “Any time, my little princess. Now let’s get you all dry, and we’ll have some pie and cookies when we’re all done, if you’ll be a good girl for mama.”
Shane giggled, covering his face with one big plush paw. “Anything for you, mama bear!”

Art by Wen
Halo belongs to StitchedHalo

Shane belongs to Iceroadlion


Yes it sure looks like even princesses needs to have some help when it comes to get rid of that wet diaper. Good that someone is there to help :)

Cute baby Helioptile

Cute baby Helioptile

By rugia1992


What a super cute diaper butt that Helioptile have. Hope he have a nice and good time outside the pokeball. Most be super nice to spend the time outside off it.