Comic: Betty’s Prank

Betty's PrankAlas, poor Sparks takes the blame with a harsh spanking from mother as Betty the Espeon eats all the cookies THIS TIME. This isn’t the first time Betty has gotten others in trouble.

Sparks: pichu90

Espeon: spanking649


Aww poor Sparks Espeon get all the nice and tasty cookies and and Sparks get all the spanking and the red bottom. I hope he find out a way so he can get back at Espeon for putting him in this situation.

Sparks did dent deserve to get this spanking but it was hard for his mother to think about the he have note eat the cookies when she found him whit one in his mouth and a empty box beside him.

Time for a new diaper

Time for a new diaperFoxy was playing whit his favorite plushy (His Pikachu). They was playing hide and seek when Foxys mother call for him so she could check his diaper to see if he need a new one now before the nap time. And Foxy was kind of a wet little cub right now so he needed a diaper change right now. But before he end up in the changing mats he crawl to his Pikachu plushy so he could have some cuddling company during the diaper change.

so now is Foxy all ready for a new diaper on the changing mate.

He is looking forward to the nap time so he could cuddling whit his Pikachu in the soft nice crib there he is all safe and happy.

Draw by: fangthefox

Poor Petie

Poor PetiePetie is making money for his college fund by posing as a little baby girl and doing various baby commercials. Well I suppose when youre a smaller than average teddiursa you’ve got to use that to your advantage.

Petie: The_Lost_One

Draw and text by: toddlergirl


Yes i can understand that this is a weary embarrassing and blushing way for Petie to earn some money but it is kind of easy way to. But he dont look so happy being dress up like a cute little baby girl and it is pretty hard to notes that it a boy that is hiding below this pink stuff. And maybe they fix some extra photo shoots now when the have this cute baby girl in front of this camera.

This was a weary cute drawing from toddlergirl and she made a wonderful work on this drawing that the The_Lost_One order. Maybe i order something like this may self whit my Foxy. That should be something cute.

Cooling off in the Sea

Cooling off in the SeaSwimming break~

Josh/Rex © ReXam-1
art © ReXam-1
Summer © everybody <3


It look like Josh have an awesome and fun time in the water like all cubs have when they visit the beach. And like all other cubs he is not potty trained yet so he need to where swim diapers instead of the diapers he wear when he is not bathing in the sea.

I really love this angle it make Josh to look so cute and happy and i hope his caretaker is going to let him spend many hours at the beach. This seems to be a place where he can have allot of fun and create some good memories.

Locked in a Rubber Pants 1 and 2

Locked in a Rubber Pants 1
I got a brand new type of diaper that is supposedly made up of an unbreakable and uncuttable rubber. I decided to put it on and add a padlock to it. I locked it tight around my waist. Now it should be impossible to escape from without the key. To stop me from unlocking myself too early, I swallowed the key. Now all I have to do is wait ’till I get it back, but I forgot one thing…


Draw, text and Pikachu: Poke-anima

Awww wounder what he is going to do now when the key for the lock to the rubber pants is inside him now and we know what is going to be lather. Yes it is going to end up inside the locking pants. But how is he going to get it out?

Locked in a Rubber Pants 2After four days of being stuck in my diaper, it started to get soaked and very messy. The lock held tight, and the smell was starting to really get to me. Plugging my nose didn’t help either. They were right when they said the diaper was indestructible. As far as the key goes, I have it, just not in the place I want it…


Draw, text and Pikachu: Poke-anima

Yes i agree this diaper most smell weary badly now when it have been on for 4 days now. Wounder how he is going to unlock this locking rubber pants now when the key is inside his weary messy diaper?

Sissypaws is so embarrassed

Im so embarrassedUm no i am totally dry i swear.

Text and Feline: Sissypaw

Draw by: fjf


Awww poor Sissypaw but i am sorry your diaper is not dry it is all wet and it look weary heavy. So i bet that you need to find someone that can change the diaper before you start leaking all over the floor. You are going to be more happy when you are wearing something dry and cozy instead of the cold wet soggy diaper that you wearing now.

Or maybe that is something whit the diaper change that make you sad or scared?