Comic pg 1

Comic pg 1gotta watch what you drink!

Order by brevity and subdivisions


Yes it sure is good at look on the bottle and read it before you decide to drink from it ;) But now it is to late to do anything about it for this wolf.

Breakfast buns

breakfast buns

Draw and everything by ConejoBlanco


Aww looks like Ellie breakfeast manage to calm him down :)

It sure even seems like he find it to be pretty tasteful to :)

Zootopia:The photo session!

Zootopia:The photo session!

When Judy Hopps was barely a little bunny, her parents took her to a photo shoot!
And it seems that since her childhood, she loved being a police officer!
But it happens that when it was time for a photo session, she didn’t like it at all and what she put was a face with a big pout!

I imagined Judy’s parents saying:
“Come on Judy! Smile at the camera my baby bunny!

Judy Hopps/Zootopia/Disney Enterprises

Draw and above text by fredvegerano


Poor Judy Hopps it seems like she dont wont to have here photo taken :( Cubs can sometime be hard to handle special when they have there mind seat on something.

Judy Hopps parents sure needs to come up whit some very good distraction.

Another well deserved nap

Another well deserved nap

he’s gonna be surprised when he wakes up.

Draw and everything by Skelbely


I sure wounder way he is going to be surprised when he wake up? Is it that he have wet his diaper in the sleep or that he has sleep whit his pacifier in his mouth all night long?

Or can it be something else?

But one thing for sure he sure is going to have some calm and nice sleep :)

But one thing for sure is a good thing that he was wearing that diaper :)

Sleepy Time for the Babies

Sleepy Time for the Babies

Order by robot8

Draw by GrimmInHisCrib


Yes all this Pokemon and Digmon sure seems to have a wonderful sleep on each others diaper.

They sure look super cute sleeping in this position.

I only hope that non of them end up whit a messy diaper butt. Special Kumamon end up messing his diaper. I bet that is something that Buizel is going to notes and wake up from his sleep.

PokePadded – Giallo the Fennekin

PokePadded - Giallo the Fennekin

Nappies for Pokémon come in many shapes and sizes, but a lot of them boast that they can be the most absorbent. Giallo the Fennekin wanted to put this to the test, sticking a hose down his nappy front and letting loose. His padding has swollen quite a bit and has reached capacity as it seems to be leaking! Someone should go and shut off the hose, but Giallo seems to be enjoying himself a bit~

A gift for pinkquartzfairy draw by the–shambles


Yes it sure seems like this diaper have reached how match it can handle and start leaking big time and going to continue leaking.

But it sure seems like he dont seems to be caring about it. The only thing he care about right now is the felling that he have right now wearing that soggy diaper ;)