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Shiny-chu Diapered and Bound

Shiny-chu Diapered and BoundShiny-chu was just enjoying nature, loving life, when the evil Team Rocket captured him and tied him up. They thought that he was Ash’s Pikachu, but when they found out he wasn’t, the left him in the woods, still tied up. To make things worst, a trainer found him and tied a pacifier to his mouth and put a diaper on him. The trainer took Shiny-chu as their own, and  . . . well, Shiny-chu got used to this treatment rather quickly.

Draw and everything by GrimmInHisNursery

Source: http://grimminhisnursery.deviantart.com/

This type of diaper style make me think about the cartoon serie Rugrats that i love watching when i grove up.

Poor little Pikachu it cannot be fun to be force to be wearing a pacifier gag and be all bounded up.

Baby chu’s poofy diaper

Baby chu's poofy diaperThere’s nothing wrong with to much poof on the rear. .3.
But I don’t think storm is comfortable with you looking at him.
Hes so shy. Poor little guy.

Draw, text and owner by Oshawott222

Source: http://oshawott222.deviantart.com/art/Baby-chu-s-poofy-diaper-510691967

This is one poofy diaper butt this little blushing Pichu is having. It is hard to not notes a cute diaper butt like he have. This poofy diaper is going to keep him dry for some time before he need a change.