Wetting Abri Form M3 – drunknfox

Video uploaded and created by drunknfox

You can relay hear from that sound that is coming inside that diaper that he is really flooding it. Good thing it manage to keep up whit his big wetting.

Diaper series part 3 getting dirty – ABDL.space

Video uploaded and created by Justinmmiller23

Looks like it is time for this diaper boy to getting the Tykables Overnights Diapers dirty. It is good that he is putting the diaper he is wearing to some good use before he change it.

Roxas Wet and Mess – ABDL.space

Video uploaded and created by Diaperdareboy

From the sounds that comes from this diaper boys diaper butt it really sounds like he is having a kind of a bad tummy. Good thing he is diaperd (Tykables Overnights) so he can focus on getting everything out now.


Diaper series part 1 dry – Justinmmiller23

Show off of the completely dry diaper soon to be filled up. I used to be Justin Miller on YouTube and I made several videos on there and now I am back for a series of videos. I also was pretty popular on nappyuw.

Video and text by Justinmmiller23

Looks like this diaper boy showing off his dry Tykables Overnights that soon is going to be put to some good use :)

The Very Messy Morning


This video is uploaded by rdasf691

Yes it sure looks like this diaper boy have ended up whit a very soggy Abri Form X-Plus diaper this night and now have decided it to add some messy stuff to.