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A new way how you can spank a cub

Teeter-totter spanking
Teeter-totter spanking

Matt, Grandpa and the twins,  decided to have some fun in the park, but as expected, Sammy and Remi, began to fight over who would be the first in everything!

Matt was tired of listening too much discussion and said:
:”Boys,boys!Listen to what  we’ll do!Grandpa  and  I  have  an  idea and  we decided to take both  of  you, to a little far away part  of the park, there’s an old teeter-totter without handles, but we know you will love it!!”

Sammy  and  Remi:”Without handles? Then we’re going to fall,dad!”

Matt:”Don’t worry! You’re not going to fall! We promise!”

Later  on  on the old  teeter-totter…

Matt:”Are you enjoying it, my boys?This  is  fun!Now you  will learn to behave!
Ok  dad,ready?Up,down,up,down!”

Artwork  by  Victor/colors / story  by  me: nelson88

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.

Source: https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=357560

This is a new way how you can spank a cub. I have newer see something like this before. Nice whit some new view how you can get spanked. Seams like there fathers have a nice time any way in the park. Hope no one of there friend is sing them now in this humiliate situation. But where is the diaper? what happen if the wet them self during the spanking. I bet i know it going to be some more spanking if that happen.

Fabine exklusiv christmas edition

Fabine exklusiv christmas edition
Fabine exklusiv christmas edition

Seams like the Buntewindel still sale the Fabine exklusiv christmas edition in the store. I thought this diaper only should be a limited edition over the Christmas time. But i thought a lot of people like the new print so the maybe restock there supply of the diaper. Maybe i should order a pic of this to see how this Christmas edition diaper is compare to the regular version if it is any change on the tape maybe.

If you wont to see some nice pitcher of this diaper you can visit there store or you can find some relay nice pitcher here om Tumblr to that nappycdgavy have post.


Was some weary nice pitcher and he have also take some nice pitcher when he have wetting the Fabine exklusiv 5 times. Some relay nice pitcher of that soggy and thick diaper.

10 Ways To Fold A Cloth Diaper

I fond this info about 10 Ways To Fold A Cloth Diaper when i looked around around on DailyDiaper. Here you can find allot of nice stuff about how you can learn how to fold a cloth diaper the right way and what type of cloth diaper folder theres are availably.

Here is some small info from the site i am linking to:

Before you need to change a diaper, you must learn how to fold one correctly. In this article, you’ll learn how to fold a cloth diaper prior to its use, including a variety of different types of cloth diaper folds.

You can find more info and pitcher that show you how you should fold the diaper right on this link: http://www.wikihow.com/Fold-a-Cloth-Diaper

Here is a little video whit the most imported info about how to change a cloth diaper.

The little artist

The little artist
The little artist

Papa Otter had discovered in his son, a talent for drawing.
So he decided to buy some colored pencils and a notebook, and thus further enhance the talent of  his child!

The little otter was very happy and wanted to start drawing as soon as  was possible!

Little  Otter:”This notebook is very small for me and I need something bigger,  where I can draw  better!”

And looking around, found the wall that had recently painted  by his dad and  said  with  great  joy:
“Here I’ll draw better!Yay!”

When Little Otter finished  his drawing in the wall, went straight to his father and said very proudly:
“I know Dad, what I wanna be when I grow up!”

Papa  Otter:”And what you want to be when you grow up?”

Little  Otter:”A great artist!And I want to show you now,the  drawing  I did!Come  with  me,dad!”

But  papa Otter, was impressed and shouted out:
“Oh no! My  freshly painted wall! Little Otter you are a naughty boy! ”

Poor Little Otter … being an artist also has certain consequences …

Little  Otter:”I don’t want to be an artist when I grow up …Booo,hooo!”

Anyone want  to  give  a  hug  to  him?

Pic  by  my  cousin  and  colors/story  by  me: nelson88

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.

Source: https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=352522

I can agree this is whats happen if you decide to draw on the wall you get a spanking. So i hope this little otter have lean that you should not draw on the wall if he wont to If he wants to get away from more spanking

Foxy reference sheet

Foxy reference sheet
Foxy reference sheet

Finely my new Foxy reference sheet and it turn out to be a cute ref to. It was time for foxy to get a new reference sheet because my old ref was kind of old and felt little out of dated now. So a thought it was time for me to order anew one and i decide that fangthefox should be the perfect user to ask to draw the new one.

Draw by: fangthefox

I have upload a new image now. The won that i upload early was some misspelling in the text. This won should be good and correct.

Foxy reference sheet old
Foxy reference sheet old

Here is a pitcher of my old reference sheet and this one is draw by: KuroWolfBoy

I have not draw this two drawings. You can see in the text who have draw it.