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Commissions from rexam-1

Some commissions made bay: rexam-1 I like the first pitcher. My diaper butt look so super cute and the diaper look so nice on me to. And lots of cubs do this pose some time. Is it good to look back some time to see if some one fallows you or should try to scare you or something.

And the color on this one is relay good. I like the red thing. Make my look so shiny and cute.

Hi there
Hi there
See i can stand
See i can stand

I think this is kind of half good. But i think it need some improvement.

Fabine Exklusiv

Looks like there will be some time before I will be able to try this diaper. At least if you believe the information shown on the company website about this diaper:

the shipping company told us, that the ship has an engine trouble. So they had to make a stop in a neighbouring harbour in the Far East. There they would repair the engine trouble as soon as possible. Reloading the container on another ship is not possible, because there are lots of containers loaded. If it´s not possible to repair the enging trouble, they would send a new ship to take the containers. The expected date of delivery changed from end of June to end of July. We inform you as soon as possible if we have news of the shipping company. We don´t like this delay. But, unfortunately, such a things can happen, we hope for your understanding!

The expected delivery would be

end of July – middle August 2011,

Source: http://www.buntewindel.de/


An investigation to find the perfect replacement for Abri let maxi.

Abri Let Normal 11×35 from Airoliver

Beesana Saugvorlagen 16×58 from Airoliver

ID Protea Rechteckeinlage / Vorlage 15×60 from Airoliver

Seni -V- Vlies Vorlage Maxi from Airoliver

Thanks to Audi-man that let mi post this.