Detecting a Stinky Diaper – nannychloetales

Detecting a Stinky Diaper - nannychloetales

After I sense a little has made a poopy in their diaper (as all littles should be doing on a daily basis!) I will pretend not to notice at first.

I’ll walk over to the corner (where the little is usually hiding, still squatting in shame) and say, “What’s wrong my little baby?”

Usually their face will get red and they’ll avoid answering out of embarrassment.

I’ll sniff the air dramatically and say, “uh oh, it smells like somebody made a stinky,” causing my little to get even more embassed.

I’ll bend down and sniff the air next to their bottom. “Pee ew!” I’ll say out loud.

Then I’ll grasp their poopy diaper with my hand and give their poppy diaper a good squeeze and pat. I love smushing a little’s warm, poopy diaper against their bottom.

I’ll then pull the wasteband of their diaper back and look down at their poopy mess.

“Uh oh! It looks like somebody made a big poopy mess in their diaper!” I’ll say in a sweet voice to my little. Usually my little will be very red in the face about this fact.

I’ll then check the front of their diaper and stick my fingers near their peepees and say, “My my, you soaked your diaper as well little!”

I’ll then place my hand in their bottom again and massage the stinky mess in their diaper as I say it all again.

“Yes, you certainly are one stinky baby in one stinky diaper.”

At this point the little will look up at me with their sweet eyes and say, “Nanny, will you change me now?”

Of course my littles are forbidden to ask for a diaper change under any circumstances. I’ll remind them of this, saying “Uh oh little, you know babies don’t get to ask for a diaper change. Maybe you need to spend some time in your stinky diapees to learn to behave yourself with Nanny.“

I’ll then take my little by the hand, walk them back to their play place, and sit them down on to their bottom.

Usually their eyes will widen as they feel their stinky mess squish around on their bottom. I’ll then tell them to play like a good little baby while I make them wait for their diaper change.

I love making my littles experience their poopy diapers to the fullest.


This nannychloetales sure know what to say and what button to push :)

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