The Baby Sitter App Part 1

This story is written by fuzzybunny

Friday Afternoon

“For Christ’s sake…what are you going to do this weekend. Last time I went out I came home to half of our house trashed and most of your friends already drunk out in the yard honey…” Sara said as she stood over Chase with her hands on her hips.

“Look, Sara…you know that was a long time ago.” Chase said as he got off the couch and walked towards the door right behind Sara.

“No Chase, that was three months ago and still haven’t gotten the stains out of the carpet out yet…” Sara said as she sighed and opened the door.

“So, what does this mean. That I need a someone to watch me or something.” Chase said as he laughed.

“Yeah…that is exactly what it means…” Sara said as she glared at Chase.

“I don’t need a babysitter. I’m a grown ass man who can be trusted, I have a job, I help pay the rent and I’m committed to you.” Chase said.

“No…that’s just being human. Your basically an oversized man child.” Sara said.

“I’m not. I’m a freaking adult.” Chase yelled.

“Fine. Prove yourself. Let me use this new app on you for someone to take care of you.” Sara said.

“No. You can check in with me if you want and video chat but not a dam app.” Chase said.

“Well fine. When I get back, be out my house and the wedding is off.” Sara said.

“Honey, that’s no reason to break up with me or kick me out.” Chase said.

“No but it’s a start for a rocky foundation for us and might get me thinking.” Sara said.

“Sara please…there has to be another way.” Chase said softly as he held her arm.

“No. This app or nothing. No compromise.” Sara said.

“Fine. I’ll do it. It’s only for the weekend, right?” Chase said as he bit his lip in frustration.

“Yes. It will start in an hour. Everything is taken care, you don’t have to worry about nothing. They will bring you back by Sunday night right when I get home. So, what do you say.” Sara said as she held his face gently.

“Alright I do it. But when you get back, I get to do whatever I want with you, anything.” Chase as he pulled in close to Sara and kissed her.

“Deal. I’ll be back on Sunday night. Look don’t worry about anything, but you need to stay the whole time. Bye, honey, love ya.” Sara said as she walked out the door.

“Alright. Just have to wait an hour and tell the people that its cancelled and I’m home free.” Chase said as he laid back down on the couch and watched some t.v.

(Hour Passes and Knock at the door)

Chase got up and opened the door. When Chase opened the door, a woman stood with a clip board with two men beside her.

“How can I help you.” Chase answered.

“Ahh yes, I’m with B.A.B.Y., I’m here to pick up Chase for the weekend.” She said as she looked at her clip board.

“Um. Look we cancelled that service and we don’t need it no more. Sorry we wasted your time.” Chase said as he began to shut the door.

“No only Sara can cancel the service, now is Chase here or not, we have the authority to search this apartment.” The lady said as she held the door with her foot. The two men followed suit and pushed the door open as they stepped in. Chase backed up a bit feeling threatened.

“Look you need to leave or else I’m calling the cops. And who are you with again.” Chase said.

“Call all you want, and we are with B.A.B.Y. Babysitting Anyone By Yourstandards.” The lady said.

“Leave.” Chase yelled as he backed away to the phone.

“No. I’m assuming your Chase. Here is your final warning come with us peacefully or we will make you come.” Lisa said.

“Fuck you…” Chase said as he ran towards the phone. The two men ran after him and quickly grabbed him and lifted him off the ground by his arm pits. Chase tried to jerk away but he couldn’t, all he could do was kick his legs in the air as he began to scream.

“Take him to the bus and place him in, I’ll lock up here.” The lady said as the men carried Chase away.

“Let me go…help…anyone help…please…I’m being kidnapped.” Chase yelled as he was being taken away in broad day light from his apartment wearing only his sleeping shorts and a white beater. The men carried him towards a white plain looking bus and dragged him inside. Chase kept screaming and trying to jerk free when he saw what was on the bus. No one seemed to notice or even look out their windows about what was happening to Chase.

Chase saw that there were other guys his age and strapped in a weird seat, while their cries were being muffled by something.

Chase kept screaming as he was placed in huge seat and was strapped in quickly with a five-point harness. The men quickly took each of his wrist and strapped them to the side.

“Hey what the hell is this thing…let me out..” Chase said as he struggled but he didn’t even move an inch.

“It’s a car seat…now just sit back and relax and watch the movie playing” One of them men said as he grabbed something.

“Wait no…im not a baby. Get me out of this….mphmm..” Chase said as he cut off with a pacifier that was tied around his head. He tried to spit it out, but it was no use, the pacifier was in tight.

Chase attempted to escape again but soon found it was no use, he just sat back and decided to watch the kid movie that was playing on the t.v. along with the other guys on the bus.

“Alright kids. Well be home in no time. Sit back and relax and have fun. Save your energy for later.” The lady said as she said over the loud speaker and began to drive the bus, while the other two men took their seats in the front.

Chase just closed his eyes and sat back in his seat, hoping it was all dream while he watched the movie with sounds of other people trying to escape.

This story is written by fuzzybunny

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