Accident at the swimming pool

Accident at the swimming pool
Mommy has taken me to a swimming pool. I wasn’t going to take going into that huge ebil baff and so I complained. After a spanking, she has gotten me into my swim armbands. Before she could put me in a swim diaper, I was running away. Sadly, you don’t run around a swimming pool for a reason and I ended where I didn’t wanted to go… my poor diaper took a flooding like any other and now I’m wet… huff ebil baff !

YCH by Kai, gift from Mommy

Wolf and text above belongs to Loupylupine


Yes your poor diaper sure took a big flooding when you ended up in the pool and i bet your poor butt is going to receive a couple of more spankings. Poor thing your butt did dent get a long time to heal from your last punishment before it going to receive a new amount :( I bet this is going to hurt even more now :(

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