Not So Fast Draggie

Not So Fast Draggie

“GET BACK HERE CORINN, YOU NEED A CHANGE AND WE GOTTA TEST THESE GIRL DIAPERS!” A robotic voice said to him as he was waddling away from the robot arms. “I dont want a change and im not a girl, I only want boy ones!” He kept waddling away fast from them as he was about to run away from his nursery until on of the arms caught him by the back of his diaper. “NOT SO FAST DRAGGIE, WHERE DO YOU THINK YOUR GOING?! YOU DONT LEAVE THIS NURSERY UNTIL I OR KEADEN SAYS SO!” Corinn pouted as he knew he was going to be put in a girly diaper by one of the arms waving it behind him. “Dang it, im not a sissy either!”

Order and text by ParadoxDragon

Draw by Tropicana


Awww poor ParadoxDragon looks like he dont wont to have his messy diaper change yet or is it all about the girl diaper that the machine wont him to try out? But i can sure understand that is it not so match fun to try out a girl diaper when you are a boy.

Wounder if the machine is manage to solve this problem?


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