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MyDiaper ULTRA with Frontal Print

New extra thick and super absorbing night diapers for adults.
With plastic outer layer, side leakage protection, 4 strong tapes and additional suction pad for fast Absorption.
Mydiaper has a very good fit because of many years of experience in medical incontinence product preparation.
Use for moderate to severe incontinence.
Absorption approximately 6000ml
content pack: 10 diapers
Hip Size:
M = 71-91cm (28-36″ inch)
L = 91-122cm (36-48″ Inch)
XL = 106-132cm (42-52″ Inch)
MyDiaper ULTRA with Frontal Print - ABDLFactory
Wow it sure seems like MyDiaper have released one thick diaper here. The price for one package on ABDLFactory is €15.95. If you feel like order it and try it out. But it sure seems to be one super thick diaper here that sure should manage to keep your bed dry :)

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