Information about PeekABU and Simple Ultra

Our new diaper PeekABU is having difficulty making an appearance in our warehouse and we wanted to keep you in the loop!

The manufacturing of PeekABU was delayed due to a design problem with an element of the machine used to make the diaper super absorbent. We’ve found the solution and production can continue shortly! The ABU Teddy bears are hard at work!


  • New parts have been ordered and are on the way to the factories. We don’t anticipate any more delays!
  • in anticipation and by popular demand we have increased our initial order to bring you a new white version of PeekABU called Simple Ultra!

Introducing Simple Ultra

Doing More With Less

Simple Ultra features our new super absorbent diaper (PeekABU shell) without the flare! If you love the plain white diaper look and want to enjoy our new revolutionary absorbency core; Simple Ultra is for you!

  • All White Diaper
  • 4 Tapes
  • 10% Lighter than our Premium diaper line
  • 20% Thinner than our Premium diaper line
  • Absorb 25% More (6250ml) than our Premium diaper line

Simple Ultra will release alongside PeekABU mid February

This information is copied from a ABUCares information e-email they send out around 26 December.

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