DryDayz Thick White Nappies – ABDLFactory

DryDayz Thick White Nappies - ABDLFactoryNew Cuddlz have a thick but soft and strong plastic backing, absorbent inner core of up to 5000ml, Super Soft Foam Stretch Waistband, Standing Leg Cuffs and extra-absorbent wings in front and back, 4 strong tapes (2 each side) and a vintage style clear frontal landingzone.

Medium 76cm – 96.5cm (30-38 inches)

So far the diaper is only available in medium size.

The price start at €18.50 per bag and if you order more bag you can get discounts.

  • 4 or more €17.50
  • 8 or more €16.50

You can place your order on the DryDayz Thick White Nappies here.


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