A Day in the Life of the Smith Brothers 14

A Day in the Life of the Smith Brothers 14

‘Use the Force’

Caiden slept hard for a couple hours. When he awoke, he felt much better and was ready to play. He grabbed one of his bathrobes and a toy lightsaber and played ‘Caiden Smith: Jedi Master’. He went around the house fighting bad guys and saving the galaxy. He eventually made his way to the kitchen where he saw the infamous cookie jar on the counter. He dropped his lightsaber and tried his darnest to ‘use the force’ to bring the cookie jar to him.

“Whatcha doin’ Jedi Master?” giggled Cheryl as she snuck up on the playful toddler.

“Oh!- Uh, jus tryin’ ta get a snack…” jumped Caiden.

“I see. Tell you what. Cookies are more of a dessert. How about I get you some crackers and juice instead?” offered Cheryl.

“Otay!” squealed Caiden as he jumped into his chair and waited.

Caiden and text by tugscarebear

Draw by tato

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/24417487/

Awww looks like the force power dont work exactly as planed but at least he got something nice to eat :)

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