A Day in the Life of the Smith Brothers 11

A Day in the Life of the Smith Brothers 11

‘Tantrums and Sippy Cups’

Caiden’s tantrum extended all the way to the parking lot where Cheryl began to unload the shopping cart. Since he didn’t stop, Cheryl reminded him that he was heading straight for an early nap when they got home. That didn’t jive well with Caiden, so he opened his sippy cup full of grape juice and soaked his mother. Being soaked and stained by a tantrum throwing toddler didn’t jive well with Cheryl either and decided that her son needed more than just a nap.

Characters and text belongs to tugscarebear

Draw by tato

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/24417404/

Poor Caiden he dont understand by doing this he put himself into a big trouble. Poor thing soon he is going to have something else to cry about.

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