New product: Cuddlz Adult Nursery Diaper

New product: Cuddlz Adult Nursery Diaper

At last we are able to bring you an update to our one large tape each side nappy – but now stronger and more absorbent than ever before.

  • Brand new design with colourful suns, stars and clouds.
  • Thick but soft and strong plastic backing.
  • Incredibly absorbent inner core up to 5000ml – Super absorbent for all-day and overnight protection – even after multiple re-wettings!
  • Super Soft Foam Stretch Waist band at the Front and Back ensures snug fit.
  • Standing Leg Cuffs and extra-absorbent wings in the front and back of diaper ensure maximum containment.
  • 2 strong fastening tabs (1 each side) ensure a snug fit.
  • Vintage style thicker clear frontal landing panel.

You can place your order on the new Cuddlz Adult Nursery Diaper here:

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