A Day in the Life of the Smith Brothers 5

A Day in the Life of the Smith Brothers 5

‘Na-Na Na-Na Boo Boo!’

“Ha! Ha! I’ve got your little doll! Na-na na-na boo boo…” singed Kyle as he snatched Caiden’s stuffed animal, Mooser, and played keep-away.

“Give him back Kyle!” yelled Caiden as he started to tear up, “MMMmmooommmyyyy….!”

“Kyle, you better not be teasing your brother. I’d hate to have to send you to school with a sore bum…” threatened Cheryl as Kyle immediately handed Mooser back to Caiden.

Caiden quickly grabbed Mooser and glared at Kyle as he sniffled and tried to calm down.

Characters and text by tugscarebear

Draw by tato

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/24417245/

Poor Caiden it is newer fun when someone else take your favorite plush. I know and understand exactly way you get so sad about it. It sure is pretty mene thing off Kyle to do.

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