Sam’s Return Part 1

Little Jamie Peacock was having the best party ever. His mummy and daddy had laid on the very best in snacks ‘n’ food ‘n’ sweets ‘n’ sodas and… well everything a party for six year-olds needs.

He had all his 1st and 2nd grade chums from school, about twenty of them in total, playing the best games, having the best music and great entertainment, all hosted in the Peacock’s huge back garden.

Jamie’s mummy, Samantha, and his daddy, George, loved their little boy and because he was doing so well at school, and becoming a ‘big boy’, they wanted to make this event, his sixth birthday celebration, one he’d always remember.

A range of noisy kids seemed to be having a fantastic time. Lots of laughter and screaming, food and prizes (it had been arranged by the Peacocks that everyone would win a prize), so no one would be going home empty-handed. There was enough going on to keep any kid happy.

Samantha and George couldn’t keep up with all the comings and goings as new kids arrived and some were picked up by their parents. It wasn’t that late but some parents get worried if their child is still hyper and excitable after 5pm, they see it as the indication of a hectic and troubled night ahead for themselves. They want to see their little darlings all calm and settled well before bedtime.

Anyway, the kids were all dressed up and both boys and girls looked wonderful in their party outfits. Of course, being in their Summery best didn’t stop any of them charging about or sliding around on the lush lawns. The Peacock’s back garden was made for children to have fun and it was good to see their son had so many friends to enjoy it with. The magician had the kids spellbound as he produced a fantastic selection of animals from seemingly nowhere. Meanwhile, balloon man, the bouncy castle and array of fun games held others captive.

Through the crowd Mr Peacock noticed one young person was sat alone who didn’t seem to be getting involved with all the merriment. At first he could just see the head and thought it was a very sweet, shy, good-looking boy because his blond hair was cut short and very boyish. But then, as the sea of kids parted slightly he noticed the pretty pink satin party dress she was wearing. The nervy looking child glanced sideways at him before averting her eyes in a bashful manner that George thought looked really quite endearing.

She was certainly dressed for a party; her satin pink frock with the large pink bows, lacy sleeves and her sweet little pink ankle socks and matching pink patent leather shoes, showed that her parents cared for their daughter. However, her clothing wasn’t very current; in fact, her outfit looked more like a child (or baby) would wear in the 1960’s. Another point was that because of her very short hair, her sex was very confusing. She could have been a beautiful effeminate boy or a handsome little tomboy but whichever he or she was, they were definitely very pretty indeed.


She sat down on the lawn and her dress revealed a surprise to the on-looking adult. Under all the silky satin and intricate lacework she was wearing quite a bulky diaper and plastic pants. The plastic was, like her dress, incredibly shiny, the slightly opaque material showing a full white fabric diaper pinned tightly in place. As far as Mr Peacock had noticed, she was the only six year-old attending the party still needing such protection.

However, Mr Peacock thought she looked adorable. There was something very charming about someone that age still in diapers, it made them still a child and not desperate to grow up. However, he wondered if her shyness was because of this juvenile piece of clothing and maybe felt a little too inhibited to join in with the rest of the kids.

He remembered his own, long journey through potty training. He’d been in diapers until her age and it had caused him a great deal of grief from his family and school friends. Thankfully, those genes hadn’t been passed on and his son Jamie who had been toilet-trained before his second birthday. Their four year-old daughter Adele though was still struggling with her potty training and although could avoid daytime accidents, she was fully protected at night.

However, he felt sorry for this timid, sweet young girl who gave the impression of being scared to do anything more than sit on her own. The other kids appeared to be ignoring her or perhaps were just more involved in having fun, whatever the reason George thought he should go over and try to get her engaged in the party.

“Uh hello,” George opened his friendly banter, “I’m Jamie’s dad… are you enjoying the party?”

The young girl wriggled uncomfortably under this adult’s gaze. George was thrilled to hear the slight rustle of her plastic pants as she did so.

“Are you in Jamie’s class?”

Again she awkwardly wriggled; she didn’t seem to notice that in doing so it revealed more of her diaper.

George smiled and shook his head knowing how being the only one in diapers felt. However, he thought he’d made some kind of connection with this awkward little girl on that level at least.

George noticed the small colourful party bag at her side, which at least meant, like all the other kids, she’d actually won a prize. The bag contained candy, a wrapped piece of Jamie’s birthday cake, a little toy, a puzzle, crayons and a book. The children would normally only collect them when they were leaving as they wouldn’t want to carry them around if they were playing.

“Ah, I see you’ve got your goody-bag are you about to go?”

A huge sigh left the little girl’s chest and her face scrunched up as if she was about to cry.

“Mummy is going to be cross,” she sniffled in a way that only a child can do.

George was immediately concerned.

“Why is that sweetheart?”

“Mummy said I had to be back before 5, and, and…” She tried to hold back the tears. “It’s nearly that now and I can’t find my friend.”

“Ohh don’t cry. Did someone bring you and now they’ve gone off without you?”

The huge tear drop that fell to the ground was all the answer George needed.

“Well sweetheart why don’t I take you home and explain to mummy just what’s happened?”

Her face seemed to have a grateful look as she picked herself up off the lawn, grabbed her bag and reached to hold George’s hand.

“I’ll just tell my wife what we’re doing and then…”

But the little girl had increased her grip and was leading Mr Peacock from the garden and out to his car in the drive.

He didn’t get chance to tell his wife, or anyone else for that matter, what he was doing as the girl climbed in and buckled herself in the rear seat. George took the driver’s position and turned on the ignition.

“OK sweetheart where are we going?”

“Thank you mister… I live near the Shires.”

George knew the Shires were the latest big development near Snickerty Wood. There was uproar at the time of planning because some protesters thought the woods themselves would be cut down to make way for the houses. In the end their fears were unjustified. However, he briefly thought that was a long way for a young girl to have travelled but remembered she’d come with someone else.

“What’s your address honey?” Mr Peacock asked as he put the car into gear.

“Mummy and me have just moved there so, er, I don’t know the number… but… I know the way once we get there.”

“Are you sure?” He looked in the rear-view mirror so he could see his passenger’s reaction.

She could see him looking so nodded.

He looked at the digital display on the car’s clock, 16.45, he reckoned it would take him about twenty minutes to get there and hoped her mother wouldn’t be too angry with her little girl.

They pulled away and headed towards Snickerty Wood.

As he drove he engaged his young passenger in conversation.

“What’s your name?”

“Sam,” was the one word answer.

“Oh, as in Samantha? Mrs Peacock’s name is Samantha…” He trailed off but glad he’d made another connection with this little girl.

“Sam.” She insisted was her name.

“Oh, er, OK, Sam.”

Mr Peacock knew how precious some kids were about their name. Jamie hated being called James and when he was always corrected them – ‘JAMIE’ – he would insist, although his father wondered how long that would last before he demanded the more grown-up version of his name.

“Do you like your new school?”

“Hu huh.”

He could see her gazing out of the window now distracted by the buildings as they passed by.

“What’s your favourite thing to do?”

“Painting.” She responded excitedly. “I like painting flowers and my mummy has put my latest one up on the wall… she says it’s very good.”

She looked happy about that and George, happy he’d now engaged Sam, continued asking about school.

“Are you in the same class as Jamie?”

She bobbed her head from side to side as if listening to some internal music and played with the lacy frills on the hem of her satin dress.

“My painting is of my house, er, and my cat and, er, the woods and er…”

The conversation continued but George was only able to elicit one or two word answers from this shy little girl.

She seemed to run out of her enthusiasm for chatting though it didn’t matter as they were nearly at the Shires but unfortunately roadworks were delaying them slightly and it was already 5pm.


As they waited in the line of traffic Mr Peacock turned to look at his passenger belted into the rear seat. She was pulling at the hem of her dress, which revealed more of her protection. He could make out, now he was closer, her diaper was thick and fluffy, and could even see the two large pink pins that held it all together through the shiny plastic. He also noticed there was a small chain around the waistband and a silver lock at the front. It looked a little more substantial than something designed only for decoration.


He remembered as a kid, when he was having trouble wetting the bed, his parents had insisted that he wear protection and at night he’d often wriggle out of it. He thought he was a big boy at six years-old and hated having to wear a diaper. There solution for his parents was to put him lockable protection so only they could have access and he’d have to wait until they decided when he needed a change. He hated what his young mind thought as harsh judgment but he stayed in his plastic prison for over a year.

Sam didn’t appear to be aware she was showing off her underwear to an adult and sweetly asked what Mr Peacock’s favourite colour was.

“Blue.” He quickly answered.

“Mine’s pink.” She responded.

“Well, I can see that,” he said indicating her satin dress. “Your dress is very nice and really suits you.”

She giggled and wriggled in pleasure and embarrassment.

“Mummy makes all my clothes… she made me this one special… she says I’m her ‘Little Princess’.”

With that she dug into her goody bag and pulled out a bag of Tiny Tots candy.

Mr Peacock noticed the name on the wrapping in the rear view mirror and wondered, although it was appropriate, when his wife had added more packets of candy to the goodie-bag. He shook his head at the thought of the complaints they’d get from some parents if their child developed diabetes from too much sugar.

Meanwhile, Sam sorted out four small round blue heart-shaped pieces and offered them to Mr Peacock.

“No thanks sweetie… I’m not hung…”

He noticed that Sam’s face changed from a happy smile to a look of complete sadness. He realised that the offer was one of friendship and refusal was like refusing to be friends.

“On second thoughts Sam, they look lovely… and they’re blue… my favourite colour… yeah!”

“I’m having the pink and red ones.” She said gleefully and shovelled them into her mouth.

Mr Peacock did the same with his just as the traffic began to move again.

Once through the roadworks they were into the Shires.

“Where to now sweetie?”

George was sucking on the mouthful of candy.

“Down towards the wood.”

George knew this part of the road well. He and his wife, like a lot of young couples, would come down to the car park at the edge of the woods to make out. Happy memories floated into his mind as he started down the single track road that led there.

“Sweetie, are you sure this is the way, I think it’s just a car park down…”

He knew in less than fifty yards the lane swung to the left and they’d be in the parking lot but Sam called out to take the next right.

“But there isn’t a road to the…”

He was wrong. There on the right was a little rutted track leading off into another bit of the wood. He’d seen this dense, overgrown area before but had never noticed the track before.

“I live at the end of here.” Sam said enthusiastically. “I hope mummy won’t be too upset.”

To be continued…

Story is written by Les Lea.

You can find more story that is posted on My ABDL Life if you visit this page.


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