Even big babies need changes

Even big babies need changes
Hey if you’re gonna wear the diaper and then piddle in it, you can’t complain if someone sees how big of a baby you are :3c

Furrys BabyChristheFox and AshlyCoon

Order by AshlyCoon

Draw by BabyChristheFox

Source: //www.furaffinity.net/view/23270325/

Poor Chris even big baby’s needs to have there diaper changed at some place and this is the only place that have changing table.

I bet no one is going to notes that you still wearing diapers.

At least you are back into some clean dry diapers :)

1 thought on “Even big babies need changes

  1. I agree. Whether you’re an Adult Baby, a Baby, or just someone who needs to wear diapers, you still need to have someone to help with changing your diaper. Whether that diaper change takes place in your own bathroom, a public restroom stall, or outside in a park on a beautiful day, diaper change is needed. :)

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