Fabine Exklusiv Mega Booster

Fabine Exklusiv Mega Booster

Dear customers,

Today we proudly would like to inform you that we have increased the absorption power of Fabine Exklusiv again, at many different customer requests.

Thanks to an absolutely new, patented absorption technology, as of 2017, we were able to increase the absorption power of Fabine Exklusiv to 6.75 l

on the whole diaper surface. That’s why the whole diaper was reworked and redesigned.

The new Fabine Exclusive Mega Booster with 6.75 l will be delivered to our warehouse at the end of August. Currently it is only a limited edition

in the sizes M and L in white

Sounds like this can be one crazy absorbent diaper :)

They even going to invest in there own diaper machine and the machine is going to be operation around the end of year 2019 :(

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