Throw dinnertime tantrum, receive just dessert

Throw dinnertime tantrum, receive just dessertHow to get paddled at the dinner table:

Step 1: Complain all day that the food your mother worked hard on smells and/or looks bad.

Step 2: Barter for alternative foods like cake, candy, and cookies.

Step 3: Strip down to your diaper and refuse to wear clothes just because.

Step 4: Eat around the yucky stuff and take forever to finishing your dish.

Step 5: When all else fails, simply throw your food off of the table in rage.

Step 6: Get paddled.

Furrys and text by tugscarebear

Draw by astolpho


Yes if you really wont to receive a spanking as desert instead of ice cream or cookies this sure is the right way to behave.

Poor Caiden his butt sure seems to be red and toasted all the time from all the spanking he get :(

But that is what happen when you dont behave right.

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