Back to basics

Back to basicsStar was stretched out on the sofa when Shelley came home from work. Star had been home for about three hours having done quite a long shift at the base plus an hour in the gym, she’d come home gotten into her pajamas and put on the Aliens. She’d seen it a hundred times but it was one of her favourite movies and she just wanted to feel comfy and cosy and chilled.

She knew Shelley dissapproved of violent movies specially considering Star was often in quite a violent line of work. There were a number of house rules for Star staying with Shelley including Star being diapered whilst she was under Shelleys roof. Shelley knew all about Stars little penchants for being babied and had agreed to take Star under her wing as a carer figure so long as Star did what she was told. But Star just wasn’t in the mood, she was feeling very much an adult today and just wanted to relax in a normal adult way.

Shelley came through into the living room having hung up her coat, Star paused the movie and smiled at her housemate
“Evening Auntie, Good day?”
Shelley nodded, “Yes pretty good. What are you watching, Kitten?”
Star looked at the TV, the movie was almost over, perhaps ten minutes to go. “Aliens, but it’s almost finished. I was just watching it whilst you were…”
“Star, what’s the rules about violent shows and movies”
Star swallowed noticing the dangerous tone creeping into Shelleys voice.

“You weren’t home so I thought it’d be….”

“Star what are the rules?”

Star sighed. “Kittens aren’t allowed to watch age inappropriate stuff…but Auntie today im not being a Kitt…”

“Anastasia” Shelley barked the corporals real name and the lynx fell into silence, blushing at submitting so quickly to the argument. “Now I let you move in with me. I even accepted your baby side and became your carer, but that doesnt mean the minute my back is turned you can do what you want. Rules are there to keep babies safe.”

Star felt herself getting flustered “But Auntie I’m NOT a baby. I’m twenty five and I’ve had quite a day at…”

“Not a baby? Then what’s that you’re wearing huh?”

Shelley made a jab for Stars crotch expecting to hear the unmistakable crinkle of a diaper under the lynx’s pyjamas, after all that was one of the main rules of the house, that Star was to be padded at all times. Shelleys paw on contact with stars pyjamas made no such sound. The shock on the older felines face was evident.
“Well it seems a certain someone is breaking more than one rule today.” Shelley spoke quietly, dangerously quietly and Star suddenly felt like perhaps she had overstepped a line.

“Auntie I just wanted a day where I could be…you know…grown up” Star grinned sheepishly

Without warning, in a blurr of fur, Shelley was tugging stars pyjamas from her, pulling the shirt up and over her head, tugging the trousers from her waist and down her legs. Star squirmed and struggled at the sheer shock of what was going on.
“Now young lady, would an adult have been so easily stripped like a helpless infant?” Shelley hadn’t even broken a sweat whilst star just sat there naked and in shock.

“Wait that’s not fair you took me by surpr…” Star whined feeling rather much the victim here

“Would an adult be so easily manhandled over their aunties lap for a spanking?” Shelley said very matter of factly cutting off the lynx’s protest, an eyebrow raised almost mocking the smaller lynx as the realisation on Stars face emerged

“Wait now, hold on a min …YELP” Star was tugged unceremoniously over her aunties lap, the winged feline trapped stars legs with her own causing the smaller lynx to become stuck “No..wait I didn’t mean…..” The swats rained down, no warning fast and furious and repeatedly in the same place the stinging grew to a crescendo quicker that star wanted to admit and sooner than she would have liked Star was crying bawling like a real baby, struggling to get out of the situation but helpless to do so. Eventually the spanking stopped and sStar just lay there breathing heavily exhausted by the onslaught tears running down her cheeks. Shelley pulled the spanked kitten up onto her lap properly and gave the naked cat a hug.

“Now Kitten I think it’s time for your punishment”

“PUNISHMENT? What the hell was the spanking?” Star was incredulous.

Auntie shelley just ignored her and plucked the lynx up, draping her across her shoulder as she carried Star up towards the nursery. “I think you need reminding just how little you really are. For the next week you are going to be soo heavily padded you will lose your ability to walk and depending on how well you accept this punishment I might pad you so heavily you cant even crawl, that part is down to your behaviour, you’re only going to be fed formula you’ll be constantly in mittens so you cant do anything for yourself and you’ll be put down in your cot for bedtime at 6pm just like a real infant, you’ll be under constant supervision and when I have to go out I’ll be getting a real babysitter in to continue to care for you. I’m going to assume everything out of your mouth is baby babble. Yes my dear I will be treating you like a newborn until I see some improvement in your behaviour and acceptance for the rules. Do I make myself clear”

“Nooo Auntie I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. I’ll play by the rules from now on honest.” Whilst Star was padded inside the house the majority of her time was her own to do what she wanted with she had a lot of freedom generally, but with these new rules it sounded like all her own choices were about to be stripped from her.

“It’s for your own good sweetie. I love you very very much but you need to understand you don’t know whats best, only grown ups know whats best for you and this is the only way to make you understand”

Star flopped on Auntie Shelleys shoulder, she recognised that tone of voice, it was the ‘My minds made up’ voice. Star didn’t want to be completely helpless like a real infant but by the sounds of it she wasn’t being given any choice in the matter. It was going to be a long week.

Order by Shelleyisme

Draw, Star and text by BabyStar


Poor little thing it looks like someone dont know how to behave like a big girl. Looks like it is back to cozy diapers for this furry.

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