Maisy and Priscilla – Secret Baby by

Maisy and Priscilla - Secret Baby byThough Priscilla raised both Maisy and Flo. Maisy was actually adopted, as a baby, and being the stubborn bratty girl that she was, she never wanted a mother, and always accepted Prissy as a caretaker, instead of a mother. So she missed out on being nurtured and babied when she was young….and as you can see, she still holds secret desires for the love she turned away as a baby, even as she’s maturing. Maze and Prissy don’t do this often, but every once in a while, they do come together and share an awkward, but nurturing moment….And since Priscilla really loves to breastfeed and mother everyone, why not? ^^

Draw and everything by OverFlo207


Poor little bunny girl but at least she can have some nice and cozy time now when she get breastfeed and make a little stinky messy surprise for mommy to handle when you are all finish.

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