Shake it, shake it

Shake it, shake it
Setting down his mug of iced tea, the trainer scrolled through his music files, searching for a good playlist to relax to during his night at home. His Eevee, a very young and playful Pokemon, scampered around the floor, its thick diaper hardly hindering its movement as it pounced after a ball the trainer had left on the carpet. Just as the trainer clicked on a playlist that caught his fancy, the house’s doorbell rang, prompting the trainer to sigh and get up at the unexpected intrusion. The Eevee, left alone in the room, watched his trainer leave for the house’s entrance. He’d already began a running start for the door to see what the commotion could be, but a sudden tune caught his attention, ears perking up.

Finding only a flyer at his doorstep, the trainer walked back towards his room, already hearing his music thumping from the end of the hallway. Turning the corner, he was greeted to an unexpected sight. His Eevee, doing what could only be described as dancing, wiggled its body and tapped its paws against the wooden desk. It’s poofy rear swayed left and right in time with the music’s beat, but underestimating the size of its own diapered rump, it hardly noticed as it knock over its trainer’s iced tea all over the desk.

The trainer sighed once more. It was going to be a long three minutes before the song ended.

Draw and everything by Kurikia


It sure looks like this Eevee like to dance and i bet it is kind of cute to here the crinkle from his diaper together whit the music.

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