Really? Does no one knock anymore?

Really? Does no one knock anymore?Mist was getting ready for school to go with Char. And she was behind in getting ready as she got up late. She ran down stairs to eat before going to school. After eating her breakfast and her milk she heads upstairs to change out of her PJs and soaked diaper to get ready for school. Once she was cleaned up in a clean diaper and got her shirt on she was looking in her drawer for her skirts when she heard the door open as she strightens up and turns around and said “It’s rude to just walk in like that y,know… I mean really, do no one know how to knock anymore… GEEZE” she says annoyed as she puts her skirt on and grabs her book back and heads to school to talk and play with Char even though she likes to annoy him more than anything. But she really liked him, even if she never admits it openly.

Mist and text by The_Char_Char
Art: half-awake-jake


Yes sometime it can be really hard for some people to do something simple as knocking on the door and wait for a replay before you enter it.

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