Babyfur Comic: o sonho da caixa de areia, página 1

Babyfur Comic: o sonho da caixa de areia, página 1Wow, it’s quite comfortable!

This sleeper is so warm, comfy and cute! I bet I’m gonna sleep better from now on! But, since I’m no fool, I’ll still sleep padded!

So warm… Maybe it keeps me from having nightmares!

Mm… I have to pee, but I’m so comfortable here! I think I’m gonna wet my diaper and sleep. If I get a rash, it can be dealt tomorrow.

Oh, yeah… There, there… It feels… good!

Less talk, more action; let’s see if my theory works for real.

Draw by Yure16

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It sure looks like this cat love his new footed sleeper and i think it is wisely of him to wear diapers to bed. You newer know when i accident can happen and it should be kind of bed if your cozy footed sleeper end up soaked whit pee.

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