There’s an app for that 16

There's an app for that 16Alex – “This is the Armory. Here is where we store all the messing lasers. The lasers come in various shapes and sizes, but all of them have roughly the same amount of messing power. The colors of the messing lasers is purely aesthetic. It can be customized to any color you want. The energy from the messing laser can pass through almost all regular clothing. This does not damage the clothing in anyway. Only solid objects like metal or plastic, or extremely dense clothing like winter jackets block the energy. When shot. The energy from the messing laser will only spread out a short distance from the area hit before it becomes to weak to have an effect. For example, If I shot you in the ears. It would have no effect. If you shot me in the tail it would have no effect. One the other hand getting shot in the tummy will always cause the target to wet and mess himself. Getting shot in the upper legs or upper arms will generally cause the target to cramp up and fart a little. But will not make him wet or mess, unless shot multiple times in a short span. The general rule is the farther out the extremities that you hit someone with the messing laser. The less effect it will have. Although shooting a fur in the arms or legs won’t make them mess or wet. The cramps and farting that it causes will usually distract the target enough for you to move around to get a better shot. And if you do manage to land several shots in quick succession on the arms or legs. That can usually make the target wet and mess himself. When you are ready to begin. We will both proceed to the arena and split up. There will be a 30 second cease fire at the start of the match. During that time we will split up and head to opposite sides of the arena. “

Axel thegamerxl

Order and text by centzon

Draw by Catmonkshiro


Sounds like the game is about to start soon. This sure sounds like a special diaper game :)

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