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Buntewindel recently send out a newsletter whit more information and photos about there new product Fabine Dreamlike. This information below is copy from that newsletter.

Today it is now so far that we show you the orignale Fabine Dreamlike.

Please pay attention to the details in the print of the Fabine Dreamlike. Such as:

1 – the jeans fabric, but it is not a fabric, it is a PE film we have printed in fabric optics

2 – the seam of the jeans

3- the button with the skull

4- the 4 transparent glue sticks to close the Fabine Dreamlike

All in all, we have created a completely new diaper system with the Fabine Exclusive Dreamlike, which is not only for AB`s and DL’s, but also for those who need a diaper,

Which does not look like a diaper when it flashes under the pants, skirt or dress ;-). We believe that in the meantime very much printed diapers are in the market.

and it is time again to create a new way in the look of the diaper and we think with the new Fabine Dreamlike we are on a good way

to create an alternative to the printed diaper.

Furthermore we have improved the absorbance and the the carrying comfort of the Fabine Exklusiv Dreamlike.

We wish you a good and dry day with the new Fabine Exclusive Dreamlike, no matter where you have to go with her, to the theater, cinema and so on, you can trust the Fabine Exclusive Dreamlike.

Fabine Exclusive is the diaper, which gives you back the quality of life, you had to give up for so long.

The Fabine Dreamlike will arrive in our warehouse at the end of December and we will then proceed with shipping the orders as the orders have been received by us. So who

ordered it late, will gets it later. An important note, since very, very many customers have already bought in advance, the quantity of Fabine Dreamlike is

not very high any more. So if you want to have a Fabine Exclusive Dreamlike before they are sold out, you should order now quickly.

If you do not get any more from the present delivery, because you ordered too late, you will get the opportunity at the end of March again than we will get the new delivery of the Fabine Dreamlike.

And now, stop the talk, here are the pictures.

The entire Buntewindel team wishes all our customers a nice Christmas time and many, many gifts ;-)

Your’s Buntewindel team

Fabine Exklusiv Dreamlike
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