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Red Bottoms

Red BottomsUsaMimi gives some naughty babies some spankings starting with Polly and Benedict. Polly tries to protect her rear with nanites but to no avail. Benedict is giving a loud cry after going through his punishment. As for Ben and Buck, those two try to escape, but it’s of no luck given their tethered seats keeping them close to the mystical caretaker.

Usamimi, Polly, Benedict, Ben, and Buck © armorkuwagata

Draw and text by ArtieCanvas

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/21596287/

It seems like we have some very naughty cubs in this nursery. So soon this nursery is going to be loaded whit cubs that have some red butts.

Poor cubs wounder what sort of naughty things they have been up to?

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