Diaper Crinkle Crate

Diaper Crinkle CrateThe Diaper Crinkle Crate is the NEWEST addition to the Crinkle Crate line! Replacing the “Select” Crate, the Diaper Crate is primarily focused on featuring premium adult diapers at an unbeatable price! It’s the ULTIMATE way to sample the latest and greatest premium adult diapers from around the world without spending a fortune! Unlike normal sample packs which typically cost $12 (plus shipping) and only provide 2 diapers, the Diaper Crate features 4-6 premium diapers every month and includes free shipping for the domestic US! Each crate will also feature other items like custom diaper stickers to be used with your new diapers or a unique specialty item.

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My ABDL Life wish you a happy diaper time :)

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